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Northampton Sprint Race Report

Had a great day yesterday - my first ow tri - really enjoyed it - seemed like more of an "event" what with the mass start.

The event was really well organised (just racing), timing chips which make a big difference. The times on the web actually match my watch (unlike stratford!)

Beautiful day for it - nice bit of cloud - not too warm so was hoping for a decent time....

It went well ish – if you forget about the swim!!

Could have gone a lot quicker. Set off far too quick – ran out of puff – just couldn't get my breath - breaststroke for about 400m then managed a bit of crawl – Think I might have to change my name to Moussambani. Def need to get to the pool – 750 in 19m55s (i did a minute quicker in practice a month or so ago).

Two triathlons so far both of them i've set off too quick and had to breaststroke - 3rd time i will go slow at the start...

Bike went pretty well – really nice route through northampton villages - couple of hills but nothing major.

Run was off raod over grass/mud - 2 laps for the sprint - managed to keep hr at 180 for the last k – overtook a few people which was nice.... was glad the finish line came though!!

43 overall out of hundred. 7th in age group.


Took timing chip off to get wetsuit off – why, I have no idea – then ran off with bike without it – had to run back and get it. (45s lost)

Couldn’t find my bay when coming back off the bike. was trying to spot my trainers I've now realised that all trainers pretty much look the same Then realised i had a race number so matched that against the bay number - why didn't i think of that earlier!! (30s lost)

Cardiosport GT2 - let water in from the start so could just about read my hr - but no times - being sent back today...

All in all in was a really good day - now just got to sort my swimming out before OD on 20th Sept.....


  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Feeling your pain on the swim leg... I've had to breastroke in both my OW tri's. Determined not to do it ever again.

    7th in age group though, nicely done. You must have nailed the bike and run!
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Very well done! The results page has you as 5th in your category . Good bike leg, swim doesn't look too bad - especially as there is a lot to improve on if you can eliminate the breast stroke. I think the run is perhaps worth more training effort than the swim (assuming you can just get the pacing right). A jolly good performance with a lot of positives.
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    The results page has you as 5th in your category
    Didn't see that column - didn't spot there was a relay team in there - and looks like i'm in a seperate group to the girls.

    Cheers for your comments - i've taken a lot of positives from it - and the best bit is that i really really enjoyed it....

    Thankfully Austria 70.3 is a long way away....
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