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Global Accommodation Network for Triathletes


Just a quick heads up to let you know about a site that you might find useful. Through chatting to people on the net I've found that triathletes in the UK and the US have been really keen to join the new accommodation network I'm starting:

MyFriendsHotel.com connects people and accommodation through: Friends, Interests, Groups and Events.

With the amount of travel triathletes do this could be a great way to see new places and get local knowledge whilst staying with fellow competitors and getting a local support group!

If you like the idea, which is for all types of travel, then please join this community and start building the network for the benefit of all. It could be the competitive advantage you're looking for...

Cheers, Pete.
(Founder: http://www.MyFriendsHotel.com)
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