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Is there any rules on where you should lay your kit out?

Assuming the bike is racked by the saddle with the front wheel facing, should you put your kit to the right, or left of the front wheel. Did a race on the weekend and seemed to be a mix of both, which didn't leave too much space at times.


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Never seen any hard and fast rules or a consistent approach. I put my towel out as near to the bike as I can, without having to reach under the bike for stuff. I make sure all my stuff is on the towel, can't say I am consistent as to which of the bike I go though.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I'm really anal about these things and will always put my bike on the right hand side of my kit, so that as OI grab my kit the bike is on my right. Probably because i will stand directly in front of it to put on the helmet and sunnies and when i jump off i always jump to the left of the bike as i can't run with the bike on my left...or at least not with it going in anything resembling a straight line. But i am not aware of any rules on the matter.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    The events I have been competing in recently seem to rack the bikes facing in alternate directions up and down the rows, so there's a bit more space between each bike. Don't remember whether that's universally the case, though.

    Personally, I put a towel down under the front wheel, with my run shoes to one side and helmet with sunnies and race belt inside on my aero bars. I always push my bike on my right hand side because I can't jump on to the saddle from the other side!
  • gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    I generally put my kit out on the side that I will be approaching from the swim.

    There are no set rules (in the majority of events) as to which side you put your kit, the only issue is if you turn up with a huge box or bag that could encroach a neighbouring position. If this is the case the marshalls may remove it whilst you are out in the swim.

    Generally, all I would leave out would be my Towel with trainers on it, shoes clipped to pedals, helmet and glasses on aerobars. I used to use a bag behind my towel to throw my wetsuit on because I have found that if you just leave it near the front of your bike, you normally find tyre marks & footprints on it when you have finished your race therefore I am now going to switch to a rubble bucket to the rear so I can throw my wetsuit in there.
  • dont think it matters too much as there arnet any rules (at least i'm not aware of any!) but i do think there should be rules. every race i go to i get asked about which way to rack a bike, where to leave stuff. personally i rack my bike by the saddle with the front wheel facing me so i can grab it and run, my stuff is on a towel to the right of the front wheel as i grab the handle bars with my left hand and the saddle with my right hand to remove it from the rack and start running with it. i always setup this way so i know where everything is where i want it and know where it is. but ifsome rules where made so that everyone did the same i would be happy to change
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