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WAT,HAT, GAT, FAT, PAT - explained

Other terms to be aware of:

'Offshoring' - credited to md6 - I believe this is where you get Wiggle to deliver to the post-room at work so you don't get caught.

'e-Fencing' - tell the WAT officer you are taking an unwanted bit of old furniture/clothing/tat to the tip 'next week' then bung it up for sale on e-Bay. Some idiot will buy it and you slowly build up dosh in your Paypal account. As an entirely unrelated footnote, you can use Paypal to buy stuff at Wiggle. Just saying, you know?

Any more?


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I found a new one on Sunday!
    Spectating at Top Barn, Lady Britspin decided to peruse Runaround Sports & found compression socks, went to till to pay & sales person mentioned a raceday deal pack...socks, gel, laces, suncream, bodyglide,ride shots & number belt ....£25, mmmm says she, what do you think ? Welllllllll my body glide is almost finished, I have already mentioned a new number belt, I like the ride shots & you can never have too may elastic laces, so yes why not.
    So ladyB pays £25, I give her a tenner, so she pays £15 for a pair of £14 compression socks & I get all the rest for £10.
    Luxuriating in my victory, sadly not to last..it cost me lunch when she realised....
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