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Hi all,

Impressed with my swim on Sunday, the father in law has offered to buy me a tri wetsuit as the hired one I had was not only boiling hot, but was also about as flexible as a very unflexible thing. I hired it from a surf shop so it did the job the for the day.

I'm looking about the £100 mark. Hows the Orca S2 (wiggle £99.99)? or does anyone else have recommendations around this price?



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    willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Hi tomtris,

    I've got the S2 and although i can't offer any advice on other wetsuits (i've only worn this one!) - it fits really welll - there doesn't seem to be any tightness in the shoulders and its only 99 squid!! I'm really happy.

    Oh yes - feels like my feet/bum are at/on the surface which i suppose is a good thing.....
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    munstermunster Posts: 10
    yep - i have one too. nothing to compare it against but it really seemed to help my swim. gave me a real "swimming downhill" feeling. thoroughly recommended for 99 quid. and you can always return it at the end of the year and get 50 quid back (if they are still doing that offer on hire/buy).
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    I've got the S2 as well, again nothing to compare against but pretty happy with it. As will says, no tightness around the shoulder and great bouyancy.

    Only downside I've found is its a bugger to get off sometimes (I am geting quicker) as the neoprene is quite thick in places compared to other suits I've seen people wearing. But thats just nit picking. For the money, I'd make the same purchase again.
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    I have just bought from http://www.royles.biz/category/1623/Mens am very pleased with result. I was even purusuaed by my wife to go for the Sonar rather than the equip - as it was a bargin - good news!
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    jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I never got around to asking what was wrong with the fit, if you can still remember maybe you can let me know Conehead.

    When I ordered the suit I got help being measured properly, and I actually fall slap bang in the middle (or slighlty below middle) of all the measurements for a size 8, so it should in theory fit well.
    The reasoning behind getting the S2 from wiggle was more on the season long hire basis, i've lost 8kg since christmas so didn't want to spend a fortune on a wetsuit that won't fit me properly by the end of the season in addition to being a cash strapped student. By hiring from wiggle I figure that I can send it back at the end of october and next year I'll have money, probably be a consistent size, and know exactly want I want and it will have only cost £50.

    I'm a relatively strong swimmer, and had no problems swimming in it last week in the sea at Bournemouth. I managed about 2.5km in just over 40 mins, got out because the swell was building and feeling generally tired from swimming that long rather than having sore shoulders, in fact the next day I felt the least achey in a long time.
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    andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    My wetsuit is a hammerhead one, i bought it off ebay as a cheapo job to get me thruough my first tri (only a 400m swim) ...tbh its a little loose around the arms and legs.....but it did the job although i could feel the water inside it (i know you're supposed to have water inside but i could feel it gathering)
    I'm looking at the orca S2 for my next tri but i'll probably rent one.
    i did notice lots of people wearing them at the liverpool tri so it cant be bad
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    gdh250467gdh250467 Posts: 237
    Done and watched a few OW events and the S2 does seem to be a popular suit, so Wiggle must have unloaded a few this year. Even saw one person entering the water with the price tag attached to the zip. But never saw anyone putting it on with the zip at the front, although have witnessed that whilst surfing.
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