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herbal life

when at a sprint tri a few weeks back and there were a few tents promoting their products, as they do.
I had been considering my nutrition for a while so I decided to have a look, one of the tents was Herbal Life where they had a various products on show. They kindly took my BMI which was 14 and then mentioned about a supplement which was carb and protein loaded.

At this point I'm considering th options but then they made some extraordinary claims. I was carrying asthma inhaler and they told me they could help with my asthma. Those who know me on this forum will know I would love help with it. They mentioned about going to a chiropractitioner (which they had one on the books) and that it would help....as this point I'm losing faith now.

However, I thought I would share this story to see if

a) Can anyone shed light on this
b) Has anyone used their products and if so were they any good?



  • wow, that would be worthwhile indeed if anything can help, as I am also an asthma sufferer. Can't posible see how a chiropractor could help tho.
  • Just when i thought a miracle cure was on the horizon!!
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I'll maybe dig a bit further. I can't see how they can help my asthma though....
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I'd be quite sceptical about it 'curing' asthma as i don't think the causes are from a deficientcy of any kind, an infection or virus, so unless they magically can improve lung power, capacity and stop the nasty strangling feeling of yor throat contracting during an asthma attack i can't see how that can help. I had asthma as a kid andalthough it cleared up by itself i still get the ocasional tight feeling in my chest (normally on cold days where i go too hard on the training). If it works though...
  • combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    Having worked in the field of Asthma and COPD drug development in the past I would be extremely sceptical about "miracle cures"...they may be able to assist with general health through their supplements but anything that has a direct effect on the disease (which I also suffer from) is either regulated (by the relevant authorities i.e. the EMEA) or illegal....

    Just be aware that to gain a license for a drug companies have to do studies which often include many thousands of patients and have adjudicated endpoints - to my knowledge there are no big GCP standard studies from any "supplement" company that show this quality of data - the exception to this is nutrition products (e.g. SIS and High5 amongst others who do actually have some good quality data around their products)

    I'll get of my hobby horse now...
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