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kestrel Talon

I'm heading to the US (Florida) and I'm tempted to purchase the Kestrel Talon road bike. Looks like you can stick a pair of tri-bars on and you have a decent TT bike as well. Does anyone have any experince or even owns one of these bikes??


  • Kestrel used to sponsor some big name tri athletes and come with a good name as far as I know. There was a lovely 2009 SL Talon on Ebay in the US. Would like one of those.
  • AdseyAdsey Posts: 1
    I used to have the Talon SL - it was great frame for road, TT and Tri. You can get a really good TT/Tri position by fliiping the seat. Frame is very stiff and quite light for the money.

    Mine was stolen last week so if you come across it on your hunt for a kestrel in the UK please let me know. It had USRUS wheels and full Dura Ace (7800).

    Kestrel are a great company too and offered a good discount on a new frame.

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