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Ironman-Bike-leg Race day nutrition - dried fruits & bananas


What do people think about eating dried fruits, ie. dates, figs & apricots, during the cycle leg? Do the dried fruits have enough carbs, protein, etc. to NOT hit the wall? I was thinking about 1 every 10 minutes except when I eat a banana, which I was thinking about 1 an hour.



  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    Have you tried this before on long rides? That sounds like an alarming amount of fiber to be eating while riding a bike to me.

    Do you hate gels and bars so much? They're easy to digest and have just the right mix of nutrition for you... I always go armed with SiS GO bars. They taste like fruit, but have more complex sugars in there as well as some protein and never gave me any stomach problems.
  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    I think you need to get some powerbar and Gatorade in and use what they're going to be providing on the day. I take it you're doing the UK IM?? Dried fruit does have a lot of sugar but for that I think you're better getting gels/bars etc save you having to carry rations around. Just checked the IM website and this is what they'll provide.

    "Feed Stations
    There will be 3 Feed Stations, approx 12-15 miles apart (locations TBC) .
    Each Feed Station on the Bike will have the following -

    * Gatorade (Thirst Quencher)
    * Powerbar - various flavours
    * Water
    * Bananas
    * Pepsi (flat)"
    * Stella Artois or G&T(I added these one myself more in hope )

    Hope this helps? If anyone thinks different please let me know as well.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    On a hot day you might find it hard to digest a lot of dried fruit etc.As the day progresses your hunger pangs change,sweet,savoury,etc.The race is not really a day to experiment for the first time,go with what you are used to,try a variety if you want but don't ruin you day that you have invested a considerable amount of time to.
    as a basic rule of thumb,I work on having 2500 calories of avaible 'energy' at the start of a race,if I have fuelled up correctly.Out of the swim 1h 20m later I would consider to have used approx 1500,so to restock my energy levels using nuts,etc would increase my bike weight by a not so inconsiderable amount.So it would not be a viable option for me,bars,etc being the better more efficient option.
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