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Starting out

Hi all,

In response to an irrational bet I've commited to enter the London Tri next year and need to sort out a training program. Any hints and tips on how best to get started??




  • gdh250467gdh250467 Posts: 237
    If you really want a deadline to focus the mind, you can have my Sprint place on the Saturday, can't make it now.
  • MaccladMacclad Posts: 16
    Well given this is triathlon, you will probably have to concentrate on swimming cycling and running....
  • BobBob Posts: 3
    http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/ should have what you need
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Mummy

    Previous replies seem to have offered you the route to beginners training plans which I am sure will help you decide what to do to get started. Assuming you have the basic gear needed to swim bike and run then I would also suggest you get entered into a local (if poss) sprint triathlon and just have a go for the experience. Don't worry about times etc just do it and experience the thrill of the event. A pool based event will be good for starters as open water swimming, if you have not done any before, needs some practice and a wetsuit ofcourse which opens up a whole new ball game of fun!

    I am sure once you have a go you will, like most of us get a real buzz from Triathlon. As you get ready for your 1st event other questions will enter the frame like - what to wear on the bike - what are the rules in the transition area etc etc.? As these arise post specific questions on here and you will get some sound advice. Or even think eventually about joining a triathlon club where you will meet loads of other nuts ..er I mean folks who will also be able to help. Most of all ENJOY what is a tremendously exciting and varied sport.
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