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1-2-1 Swimming Lessons - London

Hey guys,

This is my first post so here goes! I've been impressed by the sense of community on the forum so thought I'd give you lot a shot for some help!

I'm training for my first triathlon which is later this summer, am absolutely loving the training, however am struggling to make gains in my swimming. The time has come for me to get some expert tuition as the clock is ticking down to the main event, so I'm basically looking for some 1-2-1 swimming lessons for ASAP. Am based in central London, and wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of anyone with a decent rep/price range or that maybe comes recommended from personal experience in the area.

Any help appreciated guys!




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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    hi, I had a few lessons with Swim for tri - who have a place they use near Liverpool st (well shoreditch) i think is was about £25 per 30 min 1-2-1 session. they have lots of other sessions available group and O/W (which I'm doing at the moment) I think they are quite good and really helped me.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I went to swimtherapy.co.uk, which is in Leicester. But, I believe, there is a similar set-up in London (they advertise in 220 mag) - it is endless pool + video. Ideal for detecting flaws in technique and enabling you to understand what is wrong (as you get to see yourself doing it).

    If I could get up off the sofa, I would go and look :-(
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Beat me to it MD6!!! Another recommendation for swifortri

    I initially did a weekend course in their endless pool at Canary wharf being filmed underwater and taught drills. A revelation! Difference between my perceived stroke and actual was unbelievable (in that my stroke was awful!).

    They do one day courses as well I believe or you can book hour sessions. Very useful getting the instant feedback and told what needs improving (everything in my case).

    They also do open water sessions in the Serpentine and swimming pool technique courses.

    I'm sure there are more alternatives out there, but from personal experience I would highly recommend them.
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    joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    Me too - swim for Tri - very good and has helped with my swimming ever since as now can do 1500m in o/w in 32mins...something I could only dream about before!!! However patience and persistence has paid off too!! But would definitely recommend them - if you can get two people it's only £90 for a 90min session....
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    danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    I just finished a series of swimming lessons with Blue Aqua and can really recommend them. They have 1 on 1 coaching and I think the price was 125 or so for 7 half hour lessons. Really good instruction and she was very patient. Took a lot of notes on my form and gave me the appropriate help I needed since it just wasn't working for me to get more out of the Total Immersion books without knowing what I was actually doing.

    The lessons were able to be at any Esporta gym, which are really comfy places if you ask me. There were 5 or 6 locations in central London, but since I live in Wimbledon the coach came out there. Yesterday was my last lesson and it really feels like I can be confident in the water, knowing the correct efficient form.
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    [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I start my lessons tomorrow evening.
    4 x 1hr sessions once a week for £50.

    It's in a group of a maximum of 5 which is why it's a reasonable price.
    Looking forward to it.
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    j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    I use swim for tri at their westferry location (dlr station) where they use an endless pool and the coaching is fantastic.
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    BigGBigG Posts: 3
    Thanks a lot guys! That's a big help!
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