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First OW swim

Just got back from my first OW session and I loved it!!! Probably helped by the fact that the water was a balmy 24 C!!! Just did one circuit and got out (probably about 500 m) before I started to get tired and while I was still having a ball.

Thanks for all the advice from everyone on here - I was quite worried but only swallowed one wave and can't wait for next week.


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Nice! Did you use the wetsuit?
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    durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246
    yep - on advice from the coach but wasn't too warm because we went really slowly!

    Need to make some small changes to my recovery so that I don't fight against the suit (all that TI means I have a nice high elbow technique which is a killer in a wet suit!! )
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