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Hi Guys

First time poster. No w I admit that I am not a triathlete as such but I do a lot of swimming and cycling and have recently started running in training for an adventure race type thingum I'm doing next week. I used to play alot of rugby and am certainly more rugby player than triathlete in stature. To give you some idea of the total innappropriateness of my training, I started running about two weeks ago and on thursday we ran up and down Snowdon!!

No I have a trouble when running in that I seem to get stitches when i start running and they can get pretty bad to the point where I have to stop, and on some runs they never actually stop. I never get them biking and occasionally get them when swimming (I do a two hour coached session and the usually occour during the warm up only)

So - Can any of you suggest any ways of stopping them happening. I'm probably doing something newbieish and stupid so any help is welcome!

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