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Hamstring Nightmare

LexLex Posts: 65
Dear all,

I have my first olympic at MK in less than three weeks and one of my hamstrings has decided to pull. This was supposed to be my final two weeks of going hard at it in preparation and its all gone up in smoke (I have been on holiday the last two weeks so this will mean a good month with no proper distance training).

R.I.C.E. aside, has anyone got any miracle cures that will at least let me get a couple of training sessions in next week??!!

Any tips on any kind of exercise that wont make it worse is also much appreciated.



  • LexLex Posts: 65

    Cheers for the reply, much appreciated. I've been stretching them this morning but will leave it well alone.

    Ive written off any chance to run or cycle between now and MK so will keep on the RICE so im ok to race. As for the swim, I have the profile of a dredger and absolutely no leg kick to speak of so think im safe.

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