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Soreen First

Hi all,

Whilst in Waitrose yesterday doing the usual tour, first up the bbq aisle to get the stuff you need, then up and down every other aisle in the shop picking up additional unplanned and non-required bits, from the corner of my eye something called out .. I looked closer and recognised it from this Forum .. yes Soreen.

Malted fruit bread? .. anyway, if it's good enough for the Forum then I needed it, so it's now on the shelf at home. I saw a thread saying it must be taken with butter, and don't want to kick off a repeat debate, but my query is (without getting overly tech) is it best for a pre-train snack, or a post workout treat .. or either


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    .... i hate you people ....

    Soreen is disgusting!

    I dont think it serves any particular purpose though to answer the question...
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I have just eaten three slices with butter. I tend to use it after training, about 30mins after the recovery drink. I can never stomach eating after 8/9pm at night so I just like a small snack and soreen fits right donwn to tee....
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    With or without butter, depends on how I'm feeling. I also eat it pre, during and post workout / race. Never fails.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    If you dig out my Weymouth 70.3 report you'll see that I deployed a medium-range chunk of Soreen after about 1 hour on the bike. Of course, my average speed went up by over 10kmh, I became instantly more likeable and well-respected, my fellow competitors slowed down to let me pass and I was chased across the finish line by a gaggle of tri-ladies.

    I may have made some of that up.

    *Note to self. Soreen is so incredibly sticky that wrapping it in tinfoil then sticking it in your back pocket for an hour makes it impossible to unwrap.

    Soreen is for before, during and afterwards. With or without butter/marg/lard.
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    excellent, which parts did you make up ?

    Thanks all .. I shall enter the Soreen world from tonight .. i feel faster already.

    I hope its nothing like the 'malt extract' i was made to eat a spoonful of as a child ..
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I love the stuff

    As for when before or after I cant understand what you mean? O know it seems an easy question but soreen should be beaten all the time

    and TEA
    Maybe even a small slice before bed.

    As Britspin he is the king of soreen!
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    TesseractTesseract Posts: 280
    I was in the supermarket the other day and they had a buy one get one free offer on Soreen...not only that - the loaves were already 50% extra free...I laughed with maniacal glee and took the whole shelf full... I wonder why I can't lose weight?
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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    lol tesseract, I did the same thing the other week - i got some funny looks coming back into the office with about 12 loaves of 50% extra soreen, but i really don't care - i am however down to my last loaf and the offer has finished in the sainsbury nea rwork...to say i am gutted is an understatement...
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    steviedonssteviedons Posts: 10
    Theres been a few offers on recently in my local Tesco and Sainsbury but I am always shopping with the wife and get the stare if I put to many into the trolley .
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    TesseractTesseract Posts: 280
    Do what I do, tell her it's the same amount of calories as the weightwatchers one (it's actually pretty close, go figure!) that means she can have it as part of her diet... assuming she's on one, which most of the women I know are.

    (I'm now ducking in case that's a sweeping sexist statement..)
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    It's on bogof at my local Morrisons at the mo'. Could be nationwide.....
    Love it dry. Great stuff at any time.
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