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Sore neck

CCSCCS Posts: 53
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might have caused this...?
I did a sprint race on Sat, and for the last coupe of days, my neck has been really aching. The odd thing is that it is the front / sides of my neck rather than the back. As the bike course was dead flat, I spent almost all of the bike section on the aero bars. I do a lot of my training on the aero bars, so am fairly used to the position - but it's a bit hilly on most of my training routes, so I do have to spend quite a bit of time on the drops too.
The only other thing that I can think of is that my hemet does have a bit of a sun visor thingy (which I thought was quite cool when I bought it for mountain biking about 8 years ago) - which perhaps does mean that I have to stare up from underneath it a bit to see where I am going.
Any thoughts?

P.S. I should say that it's entirely possible that my bike setup is all wrong as I haven't had time to get it properly fitted - does anyone have any recommendations for a good bike shop in Surrey (I am in Woking) where I could get it looked at?


  • JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    How was the swim? It could be caused due to favouring one side over the other and straining it a bit. I did that a few weeks ago, and happened to be seeing the physio about something else and asked him to sort out my neck. He asked if I'd only been breathing on one side, which I had, and told me to do it on both. It just needs a bit of (quite painful) massage to get rid of it if that's what's caused it.
  • CCSCCS Posts: 53
    Hmmm...very good point!
    I do normally breathe bilaterally when training - but in all the panic of a first open water swim, I was breathing only to my right side (and a lot more often than usual)...perhaps that's it. Although, I would say my neck aches equally on both sides.
    Will have to think more about bilateral breathing (and technique in general) in my next race.
  • Interesting. I got exactly the same thing pre-Liverpool Sprint. Had a swim session two nights before, where I was breathing on one side only.
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