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beginner triathlete

first post on here, so hello!

iv just started training to do a sprint triathlon a some point soon (no specific time in mind), and was just hoping for some times to aim for while training as goals. i was just wondering was times you guys do for the 400m swin, 20km bike, 5km run, just so i can get an idea in my head where i should be before starting competing.




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    WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    Firstly, welcome to the forum! I've only been on here a few weeks myself, so I'm kinda new too!

    Get yourself signed up for one in July and August, so that you'll definitely have one to do or it might be too late. Loads of races fill up fast, so be keen!

    In terms of time, you'll get a whole wide range of those, that's for sure. My personal - swim : 6:40, bike: 35mins, run: 25mins
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    Hello, I'm new on here aswell!!

    I think its a good idea if you get yourself booked into something straightaway as then you would have something to aim and train for. Late last year my partner and I decided we wanted to take part in triathlons this year, so we started training half-heartedly. It wasnt until we booked a few sprint and middle distant triathlons in feb/march this year that we actually realised that we have to train properly to even make it to the finish line!

    Even though I am a comple newbie to this sport, I think its important for the first couple of races not to concentrate too much on racing hard to get good times. I am going to really enjoy my first couple of sprint distant races, finding out about all 3 disciplines and also the transitions which is something completely new to me!

    The training is hard, but also really really enjoyable. Its good if you can find a partner to train with as that takes the boring edge off it. As the weather has started changing for the better now is the best time to get out on the bike to get used to the way road bikes handle, and also to try and get used to the saddle! I have had a sore saddle area for ages, but only now is it starting to wear off!

    I hope you enjoy triathlons, because even though I haven't taken part in any races yet, I can't even begin to describe the fun I'm having just training for them!

    Keep us updated on how you get on, and I will do the same!!

    P.S. My times are roughly 7.20mins swim, 40mins bike, 30mins run.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Don't worry about times..just get on & do one. If you are waiting for the perfect time/fitness/speed etc, you will wait forever, then when you finally do one you will kick yourself for not doing one sooner. For an idea of where you might place..but only a very rough one , look at results pages, then you will also see the bredth of abilities that compete, it is unlikely that you will be the worst.
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I agree with the others best off get yourself into a sprint/super sprint, then you will have a goal, but I also find it is a good idea to have some times in mine too, i find it helps my training if i have goal times.

    Your goal time will be all based on how good you are/want to be at each discipline. My pb is swim - 7.00 , bike 32.00, run 15.45 but I am a runner by trade and only 24! I hope to be a bit better on the swim and bike this year so i can compete for the win! hehe.

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    ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    How serious are you going to take it? How fit are you already? What background do you have in each of the disciplines. How much training do you do at the moment?

    Realistically what you can expect to achieve depend on all these and many other factors that can't be listed here.

    If you want targets for each discipline a idea would be to find a local routes of about the right length and then time yourself over them individually - don't do this consecutively as a mock triathlon.

    Once you have current times you can design a training schedule for each of the disciplines. Don't forget to include brick sessions (runs, straight off a bike ride). Be aware of the dangers of overtraining, expecially if you have been inactive of late. Use the times you have recorded to set goals and after 4-6 weeks revisit the routes and try again. Don't use these routes in the meantime.

    Consider using an online training diary. A number of people on this forum use fizztrain. I find it helps me to actually keep a log of my training. Address is http://www.fizztrain.com/?user=scott298

    If you go back through the recent threads on this forum you will find a huge number of threads that are likely to be of use.

    Welcome to the world of working for a rest![;)]
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    epacseepacse Posts: 92
    Hi...I’m fairly new, done some posts on here and got some GREAT advice!

    Listen to those who have done it...they truly do know...that’s my first piece of advice, and tommitri and britspin have giving me snippets of advice and have helped ten fold!!

    Now bearing in mind this is my first yr, I have been training only 3 months, no previous sports to speak of, my advice on times is this....don't worry about them!! As britspin say, ENJOY and allot of the other more experienced Tri's will say, ENJOY your first events!!

    I have mine FIRST coming up on June 8th, and can honestly say I’m really looking forward to it!

    I'd lie if I said I hadn't timed myself and then gone on tinternet and done some comparisons, and been GUTTED as to how far off the pace I am..... I know, I know, how stupid, which is why, my advice to you, is to train well, and enjoy and then see if you like, train some more, get better! (my times are Ok, but I’m sure the sheer fear of the day will reduce them some more! J !!) First year though, just settle into training, and be pleased at finishing and at being able to say.... I am a Tri Athlete.... you'll be surprised at how many people DON'T actually say, oh, cool, what’s your finishing times!!

    As loads though, the guys on here are really friendly with the advice, and even stupid questions, and I’ve asked them, are answered with a huge amount of respect![:D] [:D]

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    stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    Just been reading this thread and I would like to know what times people get for their second and third triathlons (specifically sprint), Ive just completed my first triathlon, the Stratford sprint 400m/23k/5k in 6.38, 43.21, 20.59. I can see where I can pick up time, t1 and run but I was wondering if it is common for people to improve much at this stage in their triathlon career.

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    One can always improve, experience will gain you a few seconds here & there, targetted training may gain you more, coaching may gain you more, joining a club (if you are not already in one) may gain you more, not to mention nutrition/recovery etc etc..
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Oh & shaving your legs, eating porridge after buying a red bike...
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    stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    Out of those 3 just shaving my legs to go then.

    How did your times compare between 1st - 2nd tri's?
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I think I was faster..less fannying in transition, but looking at your times it would seem you have that down. I have mostly shown year on year improvements..tiny, but not going backwards..at my age thats important!
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