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Bad tummy pains after long swim

Hello, Im a newbie at triathlons and have a little problem.

I really enjoy swimming, and have done well training, but after swimming for a while, without stopping, once i get out i start having crippling stomach pains. I can only assume this is trapped wind. It only eases if i lie down on bed and umm, wait for the moment to pass (to put politely). Obviously when racing, i cant lie down and wait for my stomach aches to go away. I was wondering if anybody else has had experience with this and what you do/did to overcome it!

Any suggestions will be much appreciated!


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    For further advice read 'most embarrasing tiathlon ' thread...but seriously..wild guess here but do you rush your breathing & gulp your air in? If so you are swallowing a fair bit of O2..& it has to go somewhere. If this is so, then slow down, practice breathing drills. If none of this is the case....anyone else. Oh maybe food choices before swimming?
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Generally my breathing during swimming is nice and relaxed as the swimming is my strongest discipline(its only on the run when i start breathing out of my backside).

    When I start swimming faster and really going for it, obviously my breathing does get harder. I'll have to check and see if Im gulping.

    I swim first thing in the morning after my night shift, and haven't eaten since teatime the day before, only a couple of bits of fruit. I also swim sun morns, but don't have breakfast until after i finish training(a nice bacon bap). Can eating something small, or having a hearty breakfast before help?

    I might be adding to the embarrassing moments threads soon if i cant manage to solve my little problem!! haha.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Damn..I so liked my gulping answer...maybe it is lack of food &/or fruit may not be ideal, some folks can get a fermentation thing going on..with predictable results.

    I would go with eating something small..experimentation will tell you waht & how much, if you can get a small bowl of cereal in (maybe) before leaving work? If not then maybe a ports drink might suit, or take a sandwich with you to munch on? Depends on what will fit into your schedule.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I must have been tired last night...that would be a sports drink..port might well produce odd results! & of course what is spelt what..not waht. Actually lack of keyboard skills, point & poke is my style.
  • Just throwing some ideas out there!

    Is this occurring only in pool swims?

    If it is OK(no pains) in open water swims, then could the pains be from inadvertantly swallowing chlorinated water??

    Any chemistry type people out there tell us what chlorine may do in the stomache - maybe produces some sort of gas type reaction.

    Seeing how Vikki is not really eating anything there must be some other thing going on.

    Good luck sorting it - and please do not ride in front of me in any tri's!!(ha)[X(][X(]
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