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When is it time to upgrade your bike ?

Apart from the obvious answer of "as soon as you can afford it", is there any obvious technical signs that you have outgrown you bike ?

I've had my much loved Raleigh Airlite for 2 years and when I made the transition from racing on a converted MTB to a Road bike, I couldn't believe the difference.
I've slowly modified it with better tyres, stems, saddle, seat post, pedals etc.
But recently I've started to get the feeling that on fast couses i'm racing at the limits if the bike.

I know the next step to improve the bike would be better wheels, but as they are generally a few hundred pounds this rasies the question - New wheels or Upgrade Bike ?

So the question to aerybody out there is - How do you know if you've outgrown your bike ?
Or is it just in my head, that i'm secretly wanting a new piece of shiny bling.



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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Keep the Airlite,it works.Save and buy a bike for racing and those occassional nice days.When you get the Racing bike out it is 'SPECIAL'.It is there and bought for a purpose,to produce the best results possible.When you ride it in a race you know and feel the difference.Your better half may criticise you for spending a load of cash on something that you only use occassionally,but it is there for one purpose and it will fulfill that purpose.
    I use a faithful Bianchi,for training and the odd race ,but dust off my TT for those important events.Alot of money spent on something rarely used yes.Value for money ..oh yes.
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