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hands problem ..massive ! help please!!!!!

hi there !
as you probably read i had a probs with numb hands before about a week ago since than numbness gone but i can possibly hold my fingers together and straight sort of no strength in then whatsoever for a week now which is really frightning as in real life im a hairdresser and my hands is most important part of my job. i felt semi disabled for a week now and really scared and dont know what to do i havent been on a bike since thursday now and dont know whether to go tomorrow on no. anybody know whats wrong and what to do? please ppl!


  • msqdenmsqden Posts: 18
    ive been twice and they said take ibuprofen
  • msqdenmsqden Posts: 18
    Conehead wrote:
    what! pm me, tell me where in UK you are.
    spalding lincolnshire thank you
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    sounds like a medial nerve injury or carpal tunnel - often caused by pressure over time from leaning on handlebars - can take as little as half an hour to cause problem
    1- rest
    2 - get bike properly fitted re handlebars
    3 - kick your doc up the a**e - message from the one sat next to me and ask for a review and a diagnosis rather than a vague 'it will go away in time one'
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Doesn't sound like the sort of thing that ibuprofen will cure (I guess they were trying to use it to get the swelling down).

    The missus was fobbed off with that when she had a shoulder injury - the fact that she had been in pain for several months really meant that something serious was going on. Fortunately she had private medical insurance through work, so demanded a referral. Ending up having keyhole surgery on the shoulder to repair the torn ligament/damaged cartilage etc.

    Basically, if you are within 24 hours of the pain/injury then ibuprofren is not an unreasonable suggestion.. but once you've had it for more than a few days, then there is probably something more serious going on.

    You do need to get back to that GP and make sure they understand that it is affecting your work. I imagine that in your industry having time off is pretty difficult.

    In the meantime, a theraputic dose of ibuprofen might help (double the strength 400 instead of 200 or something like that).

    Good luck, and I hope it gets sorted soon!
  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    Go and see a sports physio, I had numb fingers in April it was actually a trapped nerve in my shoulder. It's not cheap, but you only get one body.

    I don't want to slag off the medical prof, but I think you need a specialist not a GP. If I wanted to buy a joint of meat then you wouldn't see a fruit and veg man would you!!!

    Sorry if I sound harsh but I love my physio he's great, when I walk in the room he just sees ligaments, cartilage, joints, muscles.
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