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BCTTT website update

DanDan Posts: 8
Right guys, I was unsure wether to post this on here on on our new forum! But ill go for it on here as i know not all of you are on the forum yet. Basically the situation is as follows.

You can now sign up to the website (you'll see the link to register down the right hand side of every page on the site). Once registered you can post on the forum, and you can make posts for the site HOWEVER, all posts to the site will be validated by conehead before being published (it does this automaticly). If you make a post, please can you select a category for it to go in. Race reports are what we really want at the mo (so select the race reports tick box when selectign what cateogry you wish your artcicle to go in. Club news will be up to conehead and the regional leaders to put up. Regional leaders, you can post to the site without validation (see my email to all of you).

The forum does now have a club members only section, but none of you will be able to see it yet, as you are not validated club members! This will be done when you get your membership cards! When your membership cards arrive, please can you update your profile with your real name and membership number (if you login to your dashboard at http://bcttt.com/wp-login.php or click on the dashboard on the sidebar of site) There will then be a button which you press to validate that you are a real club member (this will send an email to me to manually validate you against coneheads member list!). You will then have access to the members only part of the forum, where all the discounts, benefits etc. can be found!

I cant really do much about the forum at the moment, its not the greatest in the world, but it fits in with the backend of the site the easiest (if youve developed in WP you'll understand! ) and does the job. Once we have a fair amount of members signed up, we shall allocate some mods and such!

Brother Rice
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