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IM UK in 3 weeks time

Anyone else shitting it ? ('scuse my language)

The arrival of my baby son a few weeks back has caused my training to tail off and me to fall off the wagon.
Those IM demons are getting louder every day!


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    It is easy for me to say relax,as I am not doing it. My best IM races have been the ones that I have been most relaxed for and dare I say it,under trained for.All I wanted was to finish and enjoy it.The race is 80% psucological and 20% nutrition I suppose training does come into the equation somewhere,but it is not a secret what the race distance is.The biggest variable is going to be the weather.Try to focus onhow you want the race to realistically go,focus on the swim slicing thru the water avoiding the others.Visualize T1 and moving on to the bike cruising thru the West penine moors before hitting T2,you know your legs will be tired so try not to expect to start the run fresh,it is a war of attrition that you will win.best of luck
  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    I wouldn't worry, the last 6 weeks my training has been abismal as I recovered from my crash, and I'm sure everyone has the same worries! Just make sure you don't go all gung-ho in the last 3 weeks and overcook it! Better to be slightly below optimum and fresh than blown out
  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    I'm doing it as well and I think I've decided having a young baby/child is not the best training aid, but I keep telling myself at least I'll be ready for the early start!!! My training has been ok, could of been better but that's hard with a job and toddler, my goal is just to get round and if I am the last one crawling over the finish line it will still be a great thing, next time I'll hopefully have more time to train but you never know.

    Does anyone want to meet for a coffee on the Friday before??? I'm going to the swim session just to get used to it so after that would be great.

    Don't worry, don't panic and I think just enjoy.
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    I can't imagine many people really feel like they've done enough. The advice I read that I'm keeping in mind: "it's not a race unless your aiming for 9 hours, it's just a long day out. Relax and enjoy it. It doesn't really start until mile 18 of the run, so don't do anything daft. Everything you do is about getting you to the last 6 miles still able to run." Check out the endurance nation 4 keys stuff. Can't remember the exact address but google or xtri.com


    (yep, I'm bricking it too!)
  • I'm another in the nervously under prepared club. Moved jobs and house last weekend so have done almost no training for 2 weeks... a couple of ling rides and a long swim but that’s it.

    As per conehead's suggestion I'm going to try and nail down a big week this week before going into taper mode.

    I had built these last two weeks up in my mind as my most important, but now that they have passed me by I'm not feeling too bad about it. I've built up a reasonable fitness base up over the last year and don't see myself losing too much before race day.

    Currently I have two main worries... the big hill on the bike, and injuries on the run.

    I went and had a look at the bike course this weekend. Although I had hoped to do the full ride I only had time to do one lap plus some climbs of the big hill at the start... I'm pretty sure laps one and two will be fine but lap thee will probably cause people (including me) some problems.

    The other worry is the run. I have done everything possible to let my stress fractured ankle recover and thanks to months of using a x-trainer and treadmill I think it is successfully healed. But now I find that I have had so little road running time that my body just isn’t used to it. At the moment if I even run 5k my knee hurts so bad that I can't run for the rest of the week! For me I’m pretty sure the biggest challenge wil be staying injury free for the whole run course!

    Despite the rather downbeat tone of this post I have to say that I've loved every moment of the training for this from the night time runs in the snow storms this winter to the long summer rides. I haven’t even done the race yet and I'm plotting doing another!

    Good luck all!
  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    Yep - good luck all.
    Looking forward ot the taper over the next 2 weeks as I'm feeling really knackered at the moment. Last long ride & run planned for this weekend. Then I suppose I'd better try to get used to getting up early and shovelling some porridge down me at ridiculously early times.
    Most of my training has been evening based to date.
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    Even under-prepared, just think of how far you've come.

    Yesterday I swam 4000m, nice and easy without dropping form. Got out well chuffed - and then remembered that as this is the second week of the school holidays it was this time last year I watched my (then) 5 year old daughter swim her first length front crawl(ish) and decided that I'd better learn too!

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