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1st long distance race - which one?

I'd be interested in the answer to this, both for 70.3 and full IM. Not for next year but 2011 has a vibe about it. I have in my head that Austria, Switzerland and Germany are good first time IMs but don't know where I got that from.


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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    If you want a 70.3,go to ST.polten in Austria,it is held in May.Did it this year,and out of the various long course races,this had to rank as possible my favourite,for convienience,friendliness,and suitable for first timers.This is comparing the race to the first 4 HIMUK's,IMCH and IM Austria and various other long course races.The weather at that time was hot but not fierce,the course well set out and help was always available.
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    Cheers. Any other good Judith Chalmers-stylee lesser known hidden gems? Something more exclusive for the discerning triathlete. A good friend lives in LA and has recommended the Oceanside 70.3. If it's gonna be a longer distance then there will have to be something in it for the family, so travelling is an option.
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