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Target times for second tri

TRJTRJ Posts: 2
Hi there, I'm a fairly new member so would really appreciate some advice from you seasoned old pros...

I successfully completed my first-ever tri last Sunday - the Eton Supersprint at Dorney - and recorded a time just over 1h30m. Won't give Tim Don any sleepless nights, I know, but I was pretty chuffed anyway as my only goal was to finish (based on the advice in Joe Friel's book).

Now I've got the bug and registered for my second race (GreenPark Supersprint, 6 July), I'm wondering how to calculate a target time that will challenge me without being too ambitious for a newbie? Life would be easier if all races were the same distance, but each supersprint seems to be subtly different.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I would look at your individual sections & see how/where you could save time, or where you feel you could have gone faster without compromising the following leg, so if your bike left you feeling fairly fresh & the course is similar in terms of climbs, corners etc, then maybe you could push a little harder & not harm your run. Always reflect & evaluate after each race, to get targets & training goals.
  • Hi Tom

    Had a quick look at your results. Best place to start is the transition -your combined T1 and T2 was just over 6 mins which, on a compact Transition area like Eton, you should be able to get down to 3mins total by practice and by refining your technique (i.e. elastic laces, practicing taking wetsuit off, laying out the kit right, attaching shoes to the bike etc.). They're the easiest saving because they don't require you to get fitter! In terms of where you could save the most time, it's probably on the bike where you could set about 43-44mins as a target for the next race (though remembering that Eton is a v.fast course - I don't know what Green Park is like). Thereafter, aim for 25 or 26 mins on the run. The swims fine already and you'll probably find that you will knock a minute or so off it just by knowing what to expect and being more confident. If you manage all those then you would be down to about 1:20 - 1:22 on a similar course. Then, next year, you can set your sights on a sub hour race winner!

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