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Aqua Sphere Eagle goggles misting up....

On my 3rd replacement pair of Eagle goggles, ( top customer service form Aqua Sphere i must add) but i am struggling with them misting up, i swam on Friday night with a new pair and did a mile no problems, went today at lunch and by my 30th length ( doing 2, 4 ,6 etc) i can't swim more than a length without them misting up to the point i can't see..This is exactly the same problem as my last 2 pairs...so i am coming to the conclusion i must be doing something wrong , I have tried them tighter , slacker and on other people and they mist up on them also...I thought i had found the perfect goggles but have now lost faith in these and I'm reluctant to send them back a third time cos I'm sure they all can't do this...
Aqua Sphere sent me some of their anti fog solution. will this work ???

So anyone got any ideas or anyone suffered the same.

Thanks all


  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    i tried the aqua spehere anti-fog thingy too and it worked my seal XPs (which kept on leaking so i upgraded to kayennes!). Make sure you wash them properly though as it contains formaldehyde - not so nice on the eye!
  • I do the aquasphere anti-fog. A few drops, wait a few minutes til I get poolside, run them quickly through and bingo, haven't, touch wood, had any fogging problems since (and I had serious one before! even works on my cheap-o goggles I've been using since my aquaspheres broke).
  • mumu Posts: 24
    My high tech solution to fogging is always spit....spit rub around the lense and a quick rinse and I'm all clear for the race. Don't do any special anti fog solution.
  • gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    Aquasphere anti-fog solved all my problems too.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    gavinrigg06 wrote:
    Aquasphere anti-fog solved all my problems too.
    Me too.

    I see a lot of people have probles with various Aquasphere goggles. Perhaps they deliberately make them that way to sell more anti-fog?
  • Thanks, I've been having this problem too .. Aqua-Sphere anti-fog just ordered.
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