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Unusual question about HR

Hi all, i need your opinions on something that really bugging me.

When I'm out on the bike trying to keep my HR in between 75 & 85% I'm struggling to even get it up to 75%. It goes up when I hit a hill and I up the RPM's but then goes back down to under 75%.
I'm not sure if :- a) my fitness is better than I thought, or b) I should be pushing it harder all the time to get my HR up?????

Please help, cheers


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Your HR max, and. therefore zones will be different on the bike than running.

    When you are running, you are carrying all your weight, using your arms as well as legs, so your heart has to work extra hard to get all the oxygen to your muscles.

    On the bike, you are sat down, with the bike carrying a lot of your weight (except when going up hill), so your heart only has to pump oxygen rich blood to a few of the muscles, at a slower rate.

    So, you need to work out a separate HR Max for cycling, and adjust your zones accordingly. You could probably knock of 10% or 20% from your running HR Max and not be too far wrong!

    Of course, if you already have a separate HRMax for cycling.. well, you must just be lazy
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    JH is right.

    Personally I can't get my max cycling HR anywhere near my running one.
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    munstermunster Posts: 10
    good info thanks - i have been thinking the same thing recently as i've been working really hard on my bike (or at least feel like i'm working hard) and not getting my heart rate up near where it is when i feel the same exertion when running.

    So how can i work out my max heart rate for the bike? Is there a simple way without pedalling up a very steep hill until my heart is bursting out of my chest and i fall off?
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    hamiltonhamilton Posts: 7
    Try a (decent) spin class - one run by a cyclist.
    I got my HR up to 191 on some of the hill climbs - I can hit 198 on a fitness test on a treadmill, so that's my 'max' (and I'm 38, so my 'standard' calculated max is 182...)

    I'd presume that it's possible to get to max HR on any static bike - it just seems to help to have some 'encouragement'.
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    Cheers for the replies guys.
    Conehead - my RPE is probably somewhere near 6-7, not really an issue, could do this all day long feeling. In my mind, this is where I want to be when doing IMUK; steady progressive cycling, not pushing too hard and then either 'bonking' or feeling crap for the run???? Does this sound right??

    Also is there a better way of working out HR zones for the bike. I'm following Ironfit and this doesn't mention different HR zones, so I'm really confused!!!!!!

    Anymore advice is greatly received
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