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giant trinity pro bike sizing

Im looking at buying a bike off the internet- but i am unsure of the size i should get. Im 170cm (5'6"). im looking at either giants trinity pro or tcr advanced 0. Anybody got advice for me?? Cheers.


  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    go to a shop and try one.
  • jayjayjayjay Posts: 10
    Is that regarded as rude?? as im not intending on buying a bike from any shops around here?
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    its a bit hard to tell whether your talking about the Trinity Alliance or the Trinity C Zero.If your having the aliance then the 50cm is the size for you but if your having the C Zero i would get measured up.There are two sizes that might be your fitt theres the 50cm and the 54cm,more than likely itle be the 50cm but ide play it safe with that one due to it having an intergrated seatpost(ISP)
  • jayjayjayjay Posts: 10
    Thanks. I bet 'super members' get sick of new members asking this question. Sorry if its nothing new and educational.
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    I dont think it would be rude. I would do it. Just go in to a shop, ask to look at it sit on it.... then buy online.
  • jayjay - I defo agree with sfuller re getting into a shop then looking for what you want online as a minimum. But don't forget there's much more to it than just swinging your leg over the top tube - stem length and bar width are a couple of things I found interesting when I went for a proper fitting last weekend. I don't know yet what size I will end up with but those measurements, amongst others, will determine the frame and componentary sizes I need, as opposed to what the retailer has in stock.

    Good luck and enjoy your new wheels !!
  • For a "general" rule, the frame size (seat tube length from centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube) should be your inside leg measurement X 0.67, however... its not just about the frame height. You also need to consider seat tube angle, top tube length and frame material.

    It depends upon the proportions of your body as to what will be the best size.

    Use the calculations as a rough guide, then go and have a spin on your chosen steed before you go and splash the cash!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I'll go out on a limb here, I would not buy a bike online, and I am dubious about Giant. Go to your local bike shop, get measured up by someone who cares about bikes - he must if he's still selling them despit the internet - and then strike up a good shopkeeper/customer relationship with him, you'll get years of advice, loads of money off your next purchases. This will be well worth the few extra quid ! Probably not what you want to hear and nothing personal
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