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Fat Man Trying To Go Where No Fat Man Has Went Before

Hey guys....
Ive been lurking around these forums for a while just to get an insight into wat this crazy yet amazing sport is all about.

Ive finally decided that i want to give triathlon a really good go at and see where it takes me.

Before i start i suppose i should share a few facts about myself. My name is Conor and i live in the (Norn Iron) or Northern Ireland to the sensable people. Im 18 and ever since i watched the highlights of Kona 2008 on the tv i have bein amazed by this sport.

Although there are a few problems. To start off with i how would you put it " slightly over weight" at 6ft i am jsut slighty above 18 stone...I know its embarassing.

I have been looking at a few different training programmes on a couple of different sites and i rellay have my heart set on competeing in Ireman Challenge next August 2010. This is basically an non MDot event run in Ireland.

My only problem is i dont know where to really start. I have been reading the triathlons training bible over the past few weeks whihc has given me loads of information but i dnt really know how to put it into action( if use get me).. I am currently a member of my local gym so i am trainign there 5 times a week doing both cardio and weights to try and get my weight down. I can see my running getting better as my times continue to imporve.

Since I am a sudnet i cant really afford to go out and buy the leastest bikes an gear.. although my uncle has given me is polar rs400 heart rate monitor to help me with my training. Would it be possible to use the bikes within the gym and tredmill for training unitll i manage to get my weight down as i am embarassed to go ito the pool.

I suppose i am jusrt looking for some advice and for people to point me in the right direction..

Many Thanks Slimmboyfat.


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Well, you won't be fat by the time you get there!

    Good luck. [Too tired to write any more at the moment ]
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    welcome to the forum and to the wonky world of tri.

    if you are happy to keep using the gym for training then stick with it, but don't worry about having all the kit and being the right shape when you do an event. all the events i have done have had a real mix of entrants - big small young and old - with a huge variety of bikes; mountain bikes, 20yo racers, touring bike, folders etc.

    what is the ireman in terms of distance? if you need to work up to it then give yourself good training time to build up and hit that goal.
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    Weight loss is about diet dude, taking up a good diet will whip the fat off!

    I would strongly recommend trying to get some of the weight off before slamming your knees and ankles on the concrete, my uncle did it when he was overweight (about 21 stone) and his knees are goosed.

    My advice is to use http://www.foodfocus.co.uk, after you get your foods in and exercise in itll tell you if your going up or down in weight terms (using your calorie surplus of deficit - dont take the weight loss/gain value seriously its inaccurate)

    I can help out with the diet if you need any advice on that! And dont be embaressed, just let it fuel the fire!

    Welcome to the game.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Welcome to the forum, Slimm. Listen to what Coma said. He's right.

    Try keeping a food diary for a week or two. You can carry on exercising while you're doing it. You can also be making your best attempt to eat healthily while you're doing it but the main thing is WRITE IT DOWN. All of it.

    There are loads of on-line resources where you can then quickly get the calorie details (and fat, sugar etc) of it all. You'll be surprised. It is easy to see where to cut down.

    Regarding exercise: treadmill is good, exercise bike or cross trainer is better. Also. you might feel a bit awkward about getting into the pool but it really is a great way to get your metabolism moving without risk of impact injuries.

    If you're going to the gym 5 time per week you're doing a great job of making time for training. But are you making it count? Do you sit on the bike reading a magazine or do you set it onto a varied sesison that leaves you feeling hot, sweaty and a bit tired (but pleased with yourself) after 30mins? If you can do this then you can start upping it by no more than 10% per week.

    You'll be amazed at how fast it all happens if you try. I mean serious measureable and observable life-changing differences in just 2 months of eating well and exercising. Honestly.

    If you don't believe me then PM Conehead and beg him for 5mins of free advice.

    One other thing, mate. What swimming experience do you have? Can you swim at all? Breastroke or front-crawl? Have you ever had any lessons (as a kid, maybe)? This is really important to getting you started on the right track.

    Keep at it and you'll get all the advice and support you could ever want, right here.
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    sonalex00sonalex00 Posts: 1
    Hi there, Would a new one like me be welcome here?
    Thanks so much in deed.

    demande pret personnel
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    hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Everyone is welcome here!!!:)

    I have a mate who was 18 stone and 6'4" last year... He joined Slimmers world or something fat club related place and he has done a structured training progamme since January. For the last 3 years he has just been content at plodding along lugging his big frame around etc he told me he was gona loose weight etc so he could do better in the tri's he entered.

    Soooo 7 months on and he is down to 14 stone something and is flying in terms of improvement!

    Set a main goal for next year, with a few smaller goals between now and then, be that run a set distance.... cycle a set distance.... loose 'X' pounds..... etc
    Keep at the diet and training, you will loose weight, you will gain weight, hopefully you will loose more than you gain over the year and next year you will be well on your way to becoming World Champion!!

    By 'diet' I mean eating sensibly and taking in enough to fuel your training, not eating a rice cake and wondering why you aint enough energy to live never mind train on top of it!

    Good Luck and fire in with any questions you may have!!!! someone on here will answer them!:)
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    durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246

    Welcome to the all things red world of triathlon. I'm a newbie too and did my first sprint tri earlier this year and I just want you to know that the guys are right, all sorts of people do tris on all sorts of bikes! At my sprint there was a blind woman doing it with her really large husband and someone on a bike with a basket on the front and none of it mattered.

    I really like my spinning class at the gym but there isn't any substitute to getting out on a bike - any bike will do to begin with and learning about gears and stuff. Try to find a friendly pool - it's great exercise and you need to have the technique sorted if you're going to do Ireman (which I think is long distance right?). I expect you'll find that most people are more worried about what they look like than thinking about you - particularly if you can find an adult only session or go first thing in the morning.

    There will be ups there will be downs but if you really want it you will do it in the end. And the forum is full of people to go through both the good things and the bad with you.

    Good luck and keep us posted on progress,

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    gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    Hi Slimboyfat,

    I was in the same position as you. 12months ago I was 19.5 stone (6' 2") and I had a chat with a friend who had done an Ironman event, something clicked and I decided there and then I was going to be a triathlete.

    I started training, just as you have 5 or 6 days a week, mainly concentrating on cardiovascular work rather than weight training. At the start I could just manage 10mins on the treadmill and 15mins on the bike - I changed my diet and stopped eating all the crap, but still having the occasional Take-away as a treat.

    It took about 7months of hard work but I dropped down to 14.5 stone and competed in my first triathlon at Mansfield this year - and surprised myself with the result. I have since competed in several other sprint events since, and now I have started to build my base for Eireman 70.3 next year (depending on the race report from my afore mentioned friend), looking towards Ironman in 2011 (my 40th birthday).

    This forum is full of all the advice that you will ever need, and will offer nothing but encouragment, so stick at it - it is worth all the hard work, and if you feel you want to carry on in the sport, you could look towards the new club that has been formed by members of this forum, who are all amature athletes just in the sport for the fun and personal glory (www.bcttt.com)

    Good Luck.
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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    Welcome, my friend!

    We are all shapes and sizes in here so you'll fit right in!! You'll learn heaps from the guys in here, they really know their stuff.

    I wish you the best of luck in your quest!!
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Welocme to the mad house!

    So dude you think triathlon is gonna be your thinh. Well good on you!

    All the info you have been given is top stuff so I dont have much to add.

    Kit - Dont panic about spending shed loads of cash on kit. I am sure that we all would tell we have loads of kit and spent much more than we needed to.

    As your race is next year you have time on your size. I dont know what your aim is in the weight loss stakes but weight lost slowly is weight you keep off easier. Diet is a good start and the magic 5 a day. Drink water regulary at leats 2 litres a day.

    When it comes to exercise you could do with not pounding your joints on the open raod till you have lost some weight. You dont want to put undue stress on the ol;d knees and ankles. Use the Bike in the gym and get on a cross trainer.

    Good luck

    Remember that the goals you set and the time you put in define yopur triathlon ability.
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    combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    Hi Slimm

    Follow all of the advice on here and you won't go wrong - start slow and work up to it.....

    When I started training for this lark three years ago I was a 5" 7' 18 stone loose head prop...I am still 5"7' (I think) but I am down to 13stone and hopefully by next year I will be around 12ish stone....

    Go gradually and keep with it!
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    Let me tell a slightly different story.. last year I also tipped in at 19st.. but it doesn't matter how big/fat you are.. you can still do well as a larger male..

    I'm still struggling to keep below 17st. I'm 188cm or (6'1.5").. I'm perfectly happy to be fat and fit...

    Concertrate on training and (hopefully) the weight should come off.. if it doesn't don't get to bent out of shape..

    There is a fine line between eating the right amount to diet and eating enough to satisfy a hard training program. you will probably be told Calorie in < Calories out is the answer... I have my doubts!!!

    Small steps..

    and get down the pool.. the courage it takes to present yourself in public when you feel self-conscious about your body is overshadowed by the satisfaction and hubris when you return many months later with a svelte appearance.


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    Don't be embarrassed about getting in the pool, it's probably one of the best forms of all round exercise, is great fun and open to all ... take the plunge and free the athlete within.
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    There are plenty of amazing weightloss stories out there and different things work for different people its just about finding what suits you. One of my best mates went from 6"1' and 120kg to 6"0 and 70kg. He had farily major back surgery to remove the extra inch of height so I wouldn't reccomend that but for a year he just ate healthily and went to the gym most days.

    Because of the impact on his back my mate couldn't run but he used the cross trainer to simulate the movement wothout the impact, so if you are worried about your knees then maybe thats worth a try? Now he is getting into cycling and little does he know I am hoping to nudge him towards TTing (time trialing).

    In my (admittedy uninformed) oppinion the key is to set yourself a target that is both realistic but that will push you and to work steadily towards it. Every week my friend plotted his weight on a chart and could visually see his weight coming down, and he could see when he had had a bad few weeks and get himself back on track.

    If your goal is weightloss set a target weight and work steadily towards it. If your goal is a particular race plan how you will get there and build things up slowly... if you try to go all guns blazing there is a risk you may burn out or end up injured (as I have ).

    Good luck and plenty of advice here!
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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    Slightly derailing this thread for a sec.....

    I have just noticed how incredibly nice ewanmacdonalds arms are. His mama should be proud!
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    you should check out his website then..


    Enjoy girl....

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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    scott_burrows wrote:

    Nice dogs!
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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    Oh lord, that's a lot of arm.
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    enjoying the gun show, jesster?
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    ris wrote:
    enjoying the gun show, jesster?
    perhaps ewan shall offer her two tickets to said gun show?
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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    come on lads, you have to admit that guy's avatar would be attractive if you were a human of the lady variety!
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    You do realise he is over 40?
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    if i was a lady human i'm sure they would be splendid, but to me they are a painful reminder of all that i am not, being a puny weakling as i am!
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    I was 14 stone 9 months ago and weigh a more acceptable 12 stone 7 now..( I'm 5ft 8 so not exactly tall).

    I didnt sell my soul to the training devil and push myself out the door to run/bike/swim 7 days a week or live on lettuce either. If you're body isnt used to training at all then 3 days a week to start with is more then enough otherwise you'll just go down with a mystery sickness bug/virus from over training and/or get an injury. Start small, see the results, feel good and then very slowly start to increase your distances/exertion, just dont forget....little increases not big ones!

    As for diet well i wouldnt focus on reducing the number of meals you eat a day, think more along the lines of replacing what you currently eat with cleaner, better foods. It's a better thought process and you wont feel like you're on a "diet". Your body will thank you for eating better and the fat will melt off over time and the muscles will start to show.

    Good luck and enjoy the gradual transformation your body will make over a relatively short space of time. In 3 to 9 months time you'll really start to feel and see the difference.
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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    Jack, i LIKE guys over 40, i just cant FIND any! And ris, you know i'm gonna request an arm pic now......i doubt very much that you=puny.
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    jesster, i'd love to oblige but next to ewan i look like a twiglet and my self esteem wouldn't cope!

    if someone takes a decent shot at bath on sunday maybe i'll post it.
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    JessterJesster Posts: 482

    havent had any of those in ages. love em! and the new Marmite rice cakes, they rock! must stop derailing threads......
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    Wow guys....

    I never expected to get this much feedback in less then 24 hours, this forum really is amazin..

    To answer a few questions The Ireman whihc is my main dream is an Non Branded Ironman Triathlon held in Ireland.. It has the exact same distances in all disiplines.

    My plan is to continue with my weight loss traning wuntil roughly around November, then i plan to fully focus on training for the Ireman. Hopefully if everythiong goes to plan i will have at least one sprint and one olympic distnace under my belt and possibly a half marathon before i compete in the Irenman.

    Ps any more info would be amazin guys.

    Thanks Slimm
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    willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Hi slimmboyfat,

    My missus is from Bangor so there's another one for the calendar. got to be the easiest ok i'll get - She'll be happy to visit the folks!!

    Maybe full ireman but more likely the mid morning start!!

    Good luck with everything,

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    err... golly! (slowly turning pink as I read)

    My sister only made that website for me yesterday and it has already got more attention than I expected... maybe I should make it pay-per-view for charity? What you don't see in the pictures is that moments later I was rolling around in a heap of neoprene having fallen over attempting the kiddle/conehead kick&flick manoeuvre!

    Also I'm sad to report that I don't fall into the any of the 40+ age categories... just a mere stripling at 25.

    Still blushing,


    p.s. Slim stick around on the forum... loads of advice to be had on everything tri related. It definitely helps to learn from other peoples mistakes (and successes)!
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