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Chain Reaction cycles..Vitrius Bikes

Hey guys, anybody used chain reaction Cycles??? I'm considering my first racing/road bike (have hybrid at the moment)

This is one i'm looking at, its supposedly rrp of nearly a grand but its £575...seems like a real bargain but i dont know the company or the bike make.

Anybody advise?? does it even look ok???


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    risris Posts: 1,002
    i've not bought a bike from crc but i have bought other stuff and they have been fine, a lot of bike forummers (places like bikeradar) seem to think they are one of the best e-retailers at the moment.

    don't know about the vitus bike, might be a crc special. spec looks ok, although i note that it is only available in a 48cm frame!

    bikeradar thread on a vitus
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I looked at this bike a while ago for a colleague. It looks good but wasnt sure about the gears.

    CRC - A friend bought a bike from them with a 0% credit thingy and he has nothing but good things to say about them.
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    andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    ermmm....thanks for the info...looks like my link wasn't there.....so here it is

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=38415
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    MaxPowerMaxPower Posts: 9
    They look great bikes for the price.
    I'm after my first road bike so may look at getting one of these although as I need a large frame (59/60), it looks like I'll need to get the Vitus Alios Triple. More in my price range too.
    Looks like they don't come with pedals though so a bit more will need to be spent.
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    Looks like a good bike, but beware of buying without trying first. I'm not saying don't do it, just be aware of the problems you may have. Check their returns policy, specifically for bicycles, and be prepared you may need to modify it to suit you. I even tried mine for size in a shop, and even then after a few rides it was clearly not fitting right, so I had to change the stem at a cost of £50. I'd go to a shop and try some other bikes with the same frame size to see how they feel. If you feel at all uncomfortable you may want to walk away from this deal. If the bike doesn't fit you then it's not a good deal.
    I hope it does work out for you, 'cause it looks like a steal at that price.
    I've bought bits and bobs from crc with no problems at all. I'd trust them with a bike purchase.
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