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Bike insurance – any recommendations?

mkamka Posts: 26

Can anyone recommend a good company to get bike insurance from please? I think there was a thread on here awhile back but can’t seem to find it now.

I’m looking to take my bike to Oz for a few weeks and do a triathlon whilst I’m out there so I’m looking for something that I guess covers that covers triathlons and transport to & from the UK – or is it best to just get travel insurance that covers bikes?

Any advice appreciated.



  • mkamka Posts: 26
    That's great I'll have a look at them - thanks for that.

    Do they cover the transport to & from or do you usually get separate travel insurance to cover the bike for the flights as well?
  • mkamka Posts: 26
    Excellent – thanks for the info. I was looking at a hard case probably the VK Strongbox as it seems to be within the size restrictions and also is one of the lighter hard case boxes around, though the hard cases from bikeboxalan look pretty much indestructible.

    Thanks again for the advice!
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    A quick gander ant the T&Cs suggests that the E&L policy would require you to lock your bike in transition to be covered against theft.
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