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Giant Trinity 09 for sale - Mint condition.

Hi all

I am selling my MEDIUM sized Giant Trinity 09 TT bike.

Please find a link for pictures. This picture is generic but I will be happy to take pictures for anyone who is interested.

http://www.bicyclefun.com/Giant/Web%20p ... _Black.jpg

I absolutely love the bike to bits but it's simply too big for me The place I bought it from measured me and assured me everything was fine, but when I jumped on it in my local bike shop infront of a multiple ironman finisher he advised me that it was too big. I guess that's what you get for dealing with people who are not specialised.

Bars have been cut down to fit, but the bike shop advised they will fit anyone between the hight of 165 - 175, possibly a little higher. It has recently been serviced and is truly in mint condition. You cannot see that it has actually been ridden. I have watched over it like a hawk.

I bought this bike in March, but due to injury it has been on the road for less than 200 km all in. It has never seen one drop of rain, has only been out in sunshine. It has seen one super sprint race and it performed beyond expectation.

It breaks my heart having to sell it as it is by far the coolest bike I have ever owned, but as I said it is simply just too big for me. I'm hoping to downgrade to a smaller road bike for the time being, atleast untill my leg is fully healed, it would just be a waste to leave it in the cupboard.

If anyone is interested you can either drop me an email on : [email protected] or phone me on : 07967 839 101. I will be happy to answer any questions.

Kind regards
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