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The Little Woody - A cheeky training run???

Hi all, I know there have been several threads in the not so distance past about the Big/Little Woody event but I thought I’d start another one..

I’m thinking of entering The Little Woody (LW) as a cheeky ½ IM training run before the New Forest Middle Distance is September. The primary reason being that there are no cut off times for the bike and run and a 1hr 20min cut off time of the swim. Therefore this makes the LW an ideal opportunity to work out important strategies like nutrition, pacing and LD transitions. I’m looking forward to making mistakes and using this event as learning exercise..

So now that I’ve convince everyone they can also gain lots of benefits from entering, who else would like to enter??

Other points to add.. it’s only £65 (non BTF) to enter, which includes:-
Race entry
Pasta Party night before
Free Camping, night before and after - Toilets and showers will be available.

Date: 29-Aug-2009
Race start time: 07:30
Middle distance triathlon 1900swim/ 60mile bike / 21.1k run

Also available on the same day is the Aqua Bike event
Middle distance triathlon 1900swim/ 60 mile bike – if you don’t fancy the run after.. No cuts offs for this event at all

In my personal opinion this is a perfect ‘Try-a-Tri’ event only over slightly longer distances.

Great chance for a social meet too!!!!

Any thoughts people?



  • IronABSIronABS Posts: 66
    I'm already in Scott - It'll be my first 1/2 IM distance, so a bit nervous but looking forward to it. From what i've heard the bike course is a tough one. Have you or anyone else any tips on this one? For Sprint & OD i'll use my tri bike and complete it in my tri suit, but i was thinking with the longer distance comfort may be an issue, so was thinking about doing it on my road bike and changing clothes at each transition (cycle shorts and top in t1 - running shorts & vest in t2) does anyone else do this when doing this distance or indeed full IM - And if so how do you go about changing without... err... revealing things best not revealed!!!
  • gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    I'm still trying to decide about this...
    My heart says, 'I'm in'
    My head says, 'You want to do what?!'

    I found these Woody race reports, might help (or impede) the decision making.
    "The bike leg is a hilly lap of the Forest of Dean..."
    http://www.mcroston.co.uk/216/the-littl ... ce-report/
  • JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    Looks like I'm probably in for this Scotty.

    Have you entered yet?
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    If its still open entry in a weeks time I will be up for this one .... how hard can it be lol ...

    Anyone know what the cycle route is like ? .. Hilly or just undulating ?
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