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but i want to go faster (and won't wear red) ...

Ok the Tri bug has got me - not unlike swine flu, as serious, but hopefully not fatal in my case!

I have completed a supersprint (1.15.33) and a OD (2.47.26) but i want to go faster.

I have an hour each to train, 6 days a week and currently doing all disciplines twice, swimming about 80 lengths, riding 35km (with some hills - well as much as you get in my part of Surrey) and running 9km.

My swim on the OD was 33min, bike 1:15:45 and the run a frustrating 55:33 (having just recovered from an injured tendon in my knee)

Advice from the wise and learned would be greatfully recieved - well from any one really.




  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I think the key point at this moment in time is the way to get faster is to organise you're training. Now it sounds like you are doing a good amount of training, 2 sessions in each sport is not bad at all. But there is only so much going out and just riding/running/swimming can do for you.
    You need to get some purpose in your training!
    Each session needs a specific focus and goal, you need to look at whats limiting you and work on it.

    Ok, so looking at your times and what you've stated as your training and i think muscular endurance is the way to go for you. Muscular endurance workouts will have the most positive affect on racing times provided you have a good aerobic base, and from what you've said from your training I reckon you will have this.

    So muscular endurance, I would try and get one session of this in each week, particularly in cycling and running. Although it would improve your swimming to do muscular endurance I think drills and aerobic endurance may be a better way to go.

    These sessions are a basic plan, but they should help.

    Cycling - tempo session/cruise intervals. Both are about an hour of work (you will NEED to warm up/warm down) tempo session is essentially comfortably hard for a sustained period, you shouldn't be breathing really hard, your legs will be hot but not burning, zone 3 if you like your heart rates. Cruise intervals are this broken down into work intervals and short recovery intervals, but you work slightly harder during the work interval, think just above race pace, just!
    So I would say start on 7x3 (7 mins on 3 recovery) X 4 times, work up to 8X2, 9X1 and more times, up to 6 intervals in total.

    Running - Same thing as above! Tempo work and cruise intervals its the same thing!

    I would keep one of your normal sessions and replace the other with this one, remember to focus and have a goal for each and every session, good luck!
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