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Where do you run/Cycle

BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
we had a thread like this before and its quite interesting to understand what people see and where they are traing.

I will start (he says as he rises from his chair arm aloft)

I run around the Glastonbury area and always seem to have a great of the tor and sometimes run past the abbey which is always a great veiw. As I get out on the moor as well the wildlife is great to! I saw a heron the other day and it was about 5 yards away. All the people I pass are freindly and say hello.

The ride takes me further into the moor and along an old disused railway line that is now nice and flat full of wildlife and big peat pits with fish in. I sometimes ride around the towns like Glastonbury and street, so i see alot of strange people and hippies. It It truely is a great place to train and theres never much traffic.

So where do you do it.......................................?


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    andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    if you watch the IMUK on the 2nd of august you'll see my running and cycling routes....its being held at the Anderton centre rivvington (near bolton) and i live about 2 miles from there.
    I'm pretty lucky as you'll see its got great views, some very challenging routes but the weather isn't so good.
    what you wont see when watching IMUK is me taking part
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    most of my cycling is my commute, so i am on the a4 from bath to chippenham. not the most amazing road but at the top of box hill there is a wonderful view across to colerne and down the vale to bath and even beyond to bristol on a clear day. some days i take a longer back-route home but most days i just want to get home.

    if i am out on a weekend ride then i often go east and ride out toward lyneham or wootton bassett, or across to calne. terrific views when you reach the tops of climbs - fron lyneham you can see across the flatter bit toward swindon and beyond the m4.

    i tend to run around chippenham, which just means pounding around suburbs or terraces. i've recently started using a 4mile rural run as part of my commute and go from box to batheaston up the side of kingsdown hill. very quiet lanes with high hedges, but when you reach the top of the run the view across the valley is pleasant.
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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    Most of my running is done in Greenwich Park or along the Thames path from Greenwich up to the Thames Barrier. As i start marathon training over the winter i will start to head into London along the river too, so Tower Bridge London Bridge and then at some point i will run all the way to work in Mayfair, so that will include Westminster and Picadilli. The views from the top of the hill in the park are great, you can see all across London on a good day and on a bad one you can only see East...but even that looks lovely from up there. And along the river there are some great views of Canary Wharf, and then there is the industrial bit and then the barrier which is nice when lit up.

    My ride is currently my commute (passing the above mentioned) and on the weekends i tend to do hills in Greenwich Park, around blackheath and then occasionally up shooters hill (which is 434 ft high), then if i want a flat one i head in amongst the traffic and loop into the City cross tower bridge and along the victoria embankment (does the London tri go along there too?) and then cross westminster bridge and come home the same as my commute. Not very impressive views anywhere along there really and even if there was there's too much traffic to enjoy them. Oh i'm also exploring more routes out of London into Kent, but haven't got further than the top of Shooters hill, i doubted i could climb it a second time on the way back so i went home...
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    As I live in Lincolnshire I try to do most of my training around the Wolds towards Louth,Cadwell and Horncastle then up to Caistor.For Andyb99 I used to live I Chorley where my favorite run took me up the A6 to the Crown at Horwich,then up to Rivington where I would start up the Pike,across the tops to Winter hill,then down to the Belmont road,before taking to the moors over to Great Hill,dropping down to White Coppice and then back to Chorley.If I met more than a handfull of people it was unusual.Peace,quiet,and tremendous views,to the south west Wales,NW the Lake District,Bowland to the North and the Peninesto the East,must do it again someday.
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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Cycling through wimbledon common the other evening, I got to see the wimbledon whizzers flyball team in training. I just had to stop and watch for a bit. Hilarious stuff, especially the younger dogs who didnt know where to run, and their owners who were seriously getting miffed when they didnt run through the gates, but around. Some of the owners needed the exercise, so it was actually more funny watching them bolt down a straight line and hopping over 8 little gates. Show jumping for the overweight.

    Then into richmond park after its been closed to traffic, so all the bunnies and deer were out by the roads, which is very cool.

    All in all, a most enjoyable ride home.
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    The roads around Delamere Forest in Cheshire and also off road in the forest too. Fortunate that its only three miles from home so a regular hour or two blast after work a couple of times a week blows the cobwebs away.

    Very hilly routes and must be a good training area as I often see Chester Tri Club out on their Sunday rides. Could do with a road bike ideally but am making do with my MTB for now.

    Not much to see unfortunately except for errr lots of trees and a bit of wildlife..... which is mainly roadkill by the time I get out and ride!!

    All my running is currently treadmill based but am planning getting back into a routine where I can run before work, around Salford Quays and parts of Manchester canals, near the office.

    I didn't know IMUK was in Rivington, shame, would have gone for a look and to cheer on the 220 and BCTTT contingents but have something else on - nemind
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I live in the middle of the rather beautiful South Pennines (the wild bit of country between Yorkshire and Lancashire). Great for running, cycling and various other outdoor pursuits - horses, caving, climbing, canoeing. Lots and lots and lots of lovely hills. For example, the longest climb in England is a short ride away (nearly 6 miles and 1,000 ft of continuous ascent).

    However, work takes me away, a lot.

    This week - Surrey, Last week London, next week Scotland.

    So I run from the hotel. I attempt to get a hotel with a gym or pool, or research the nearest public pool (usually the local council one, as most others are members only). Usually it is a premier inn though. So not that good. The only thing I've not managed to do is bike when I am away - so that is reserved for the weekends.
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    willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Most of my riding is the commute through the beautiful areas of London....Watford to Harrow, Wembley, Harlesden then Paddington, Euston & Old street. Pretty busy but it's a good 20 mile ride - uphill on the way back

    Running is around london before/after work - sometimes around the bridges back and forwards over the thames which can be pretty nice.

    Nicest rides near my house are NW of Watford - did a really nice one last night - through some beautiful little villages, single track roads, some nice hills??, and past some really nice pubs that i should really go to at some point
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    TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    I train in the Scottish borders,

    swimming in the north sea, being chased by seals.

    Cycle in the country side chased a young deer for around quarter mile the other morning before work.

    I run out on the Scottish side of the river Tweed and Run home on the English side!
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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    My favourite run takes me along the south coast path (past the lighthouse they used in Fraggle Rock!!) so I can see across to St Mawes and watch the ships coming in to Falmouth and try not to fall off the cliff.

    On the bike I usually cycle 25 miles around the Roseland, the ferry only costs 50p for bicycles (an extortionate 4.50 for cars!) very pretty route with a load of bitchin' hills!

    My swim i do at my boss's estate's very own beach, where i live (smug grin) where i can see the bottom and all the sea life and little crab pots that people have put down. and on a sunny day with no wind the sea is glassy and a really, really bright blue colour.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    You have it hard Jesster.

    But, on the Fraggle Rock theme, I can do the same run as in the Railway Children. I often see Jenny Agguter waving her red pants!
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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    Wow, thats a really beautiful part of the country Jack.

    My dad had a thing for Jenny Agutter actually.....
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