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Windsor 2008

Simple questions:

1) Are you doing it?

2) Looking forward to it?

3) Best Bit? (other than finishing)

3) worst bit?

4) Who wants a pint after? :)


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    JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    Can't answer the above, but will be coming to watch the as much of the race as I can as I live in Windsor. Have a 10k race to get to though.

    So let me know what wave you're in and I'll look out for you.[:)]
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    paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    Well, its all over. Another great year, great weather, support etc.

    Still waiting for my official time. But think it was about 2.33.

    Was aiming for 2.40 so all good, but now disappointed I couldnt dip under 2.30

    Swim was a bitch, strong currents all the way up.

    Hope anyone else who did it had a good one!

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    I was also at Windsor yesterday and really enjoyed it - perfect weather, interesting course and neither too crowded nor too empty. I bombed on the swim: tactics were all wrong and I ended up swimming upstream in the centre of the river for the last 150m before the turning buoy - I pretty much had to swim flat out for a few minutes just to get round it. 37mins on the swim (including the T1 time) pretty much finished off my hopes of cracking 2:30, but the rest of the race went well and I managed to slope in at 2:40:41. Guess the 2:30 target'll have to wait for the next race...

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