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Countdown to race day..........First timers or old hands

MGMG Posts: 470
7 DAYS OUT.........
Check your bike, make sure gears, brakes, wheels and tyres are all in good condition and functioning well. If your worried take it to an LBS or Evans/Halfords for a service. Always ride after any adjustments.

Eat sensibly, You wont need as many calories as you should be reducing your training volume so slightly adjust your diet. Make sure you increase you cabohydrate intake to maximise glycogen storage in your muscles.

3 DAYS OUT....

Make sure you have a plan of action for when things dont go according to plan. ie. Rain or adverse weather. Also punturing on the bike, take time out in the eve to maybe practice changing your tubes so it wont be a problem if the worse does happen..

This is always a good time to pack up your kit, pack it methodicaly and maybe (as Ive got OCD) pack it more than once. (ill put a check list at the end...)

2 DAYS OUT....

Do nowt........

24hrs OUT.....

Have a gentle ride or run or swim, go gentle though. Re-check kit, go and register......

Make sure you stay hydrated, and if you can have a carb drink (SIS PSP22) you can use this to load updont eat anything "exotic" play safe,cereal, bread, pasta, rice,potatos etc are ALLLL GOOOOOOOOD!!!


Breaky - 2- 3hrs before (if poss)make sure its something you eat regularly at this time of day (porridge is a good start)

TRANSITION - place bike on rack, set your gear out in the order you'll need it and put helmet and sunnies (and race belt if you have one) on the bars of your bike. Walk through transition, making sure you can spot your gear, check out T1 and T2 and try look for a static land mark you can reference.

30 MIN - Wetsuit on, plenty of lube. DONT FORGET YOUR TIMING CHIP!!!..........ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try to be first in the water when your waves called, give yourself time to acclimatise and warm up...



Wetsuit lube (body glide or baby oil)
Towel (helps mark your transition area and dry feet off a bit)


Bike shoes
Spare tubes and pump or gas cylinder
Track pump (for final pump up)
Extra clobber (wet weather gear and warm weather gear, justr in case)


Running shoes
Hat (if required)

Other kit

Race infomation
Photo ID
Timing chip
Race belt
Drinks and nutrition
Dry kit
Compression kit (for straight after the race)
Vasaline (sp)

That just about does it I think......


  • [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    Nice one, this will prove usefull!

    Did my first tri today and only packed late last night!
  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    Cheers I'll be printing this off in work and revising every night.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Praise where praise is due.... This is sound advice so if there are newbie's out there then read and take on board. Well done MG
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