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New Speedo Wetsuit

Does anyone have any experience of the new Speedo suit, as advertised on Tri and run site?

I am thinking of buying a new one and leaning towards 2XU comp 1, or maybe an Orca Apex 2 (bit pricey for me)

But I have a friend of a friend with a speedo corporate connection who might be able to get me the Speedo suit (£325) at a price closer to the Comp1, but dont want to get it if its not great, even if it is more pricey and in theory much better technically.



  • PGomesPGomes Posts: 1
    I can't find any information about that wetsuit, not even at speedo.com what is strange. I think it is only beeing sold on tri and run. I'm very curious about that wetsuit because speedo it's one of the best brans in swimming material. If you find any information please tell me!
  • joewaferjoewafer Posts: 6
    If its any help, I just got the Speedo STR 1.5 from Wetsuithire.co.uk and its pretty hot! I would class myself as an intermediate swimmer (12 mins 750m) and this wetsuit felt amazing in the water - smooth and bouyant and its easy to get out of - a quick exit is taken care of by a stretch mesh like material around the calfs. The STR is not the suit you are looking at but at least its a good word for Speedo as a brand.
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Are the speedo suits actual wetsuits or are they those super swim suits that have been investigated by the International Swimming people? I'd also be interested if they are doing a super wetsuit as I fancy a new one
  • joewaferjoewafer Posts: 6
    Well the STR is a wetsuit, full neoprene, 3mm thickness in parts and 2mm in others for easier movement. I swim in Lough Swilly (Donegal, Ireland- The Atlantic Basically) with it and it keeps me warm there so it must be a wetsuit!
  • paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    I decided in the end I didnt like that Speedo suit, so swayed towards a Blue Seventy Helix, then a Synergie (with corporate pricing, down near £150) Before finally plumping for Comp 1 from Wiggle (£190 with a gift voucher) Then the day after a 5month old Apex 2 appeared on Ebay in my size and 5 miles from my house. Was very tempted and it finally went for £195, but Iwas out and forgot to pre bid

    I did manage to try the Speedo suit on at Windsor and again, wasnt as comfortable in it as the Orca or 2XU. The BS suits just didnt seem to fit me (5'10, 74kg) as the SMT was too long in the arms and the SM was too tight across the chest

    Giving the 2XU its first proper outing this weekend
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Joe, I realised the STR suite was definitly a wetsuit as you had one and seen you'd recommended it a couple of times. Was just not sure about the one that noone could find, even on the Speedo website.

    I'm still quite interested to see what a difference one of those super duper speedy speedo swim suits would do for my swim times? I'll add it to the list with Red Porridge [:)]
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