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Family Friendly IM 2010


I have completed my first 70.3 distance this year and i have this stupid nagging idea to do a full IM

I have 2 main criteria and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas..

To keep the family happy it would be nice if it was in a location where we can spend a weekend away and they will have fun while i kill myself (rules out IM UK)

and secondly i don't mind pushing myself but i do not want to cycle up the north face of the Eiger

I have looked at Switzerland and that looks a possible

Any Ideas would be appreciated

Many thanks



  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Why not look at Barcelona, this year it is being held on the 4th October. The race is organized by "Challenge" group i.e same company who organizes Roth.

    The actual race is on the Costa nr Barcelona so plenty of beaches etc., for the family to amuse themselves, the sea swim is on the beach, bike is 2 laps & the run 4 laps along the main road so plenty of spectators. Have a look on their website or search Barcelona Challenge.

    And it is not as expensive as the "ironman" races are.

    PS They are doing a new IM race in Copenhagen next year as well.......
  • FatKnackerFatKnacker Posts: 36
    If you want to stay in the UK then how about the ForestMan? It takes place in the New Forest and is based around the Sandy Balls holiday park at Fordingbridge in Hants.

    I did my first full IM distance there last week, and loved every minute (if that is the right expression...) of it.

    The swim and T1 are at a nearby lake, with T2 and the finish located at Sandy Balls, where there is a reasonable range of things to do to keep WAT Officers and offspring amused, regardless of the weather.

    I found it a very friendly race - there were about 130 racing. There was lots of banter and encouragement from other competitors, particularly on the run leg which consists of 3 loops of a gravel track in the New Forest which is neither flat nor particularly level (with lots of loose stones to boot) - be warned!

    Website is www.racenewforest.co.uk

  • combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    This was a major consideration when choosing my first full IM event next year...I eventually plumped for IM Switzerland, partly due to the fact the course is accessible from Zurich but also as I have heard good things about it with regards being spectator/sufferer friendly....which is the exact opposite of UK IM 70.3...no car parking and access after race start - what a joke....good event tho....
  • steved25steved25 Posts: 37
    Thanks All.

    I after a chat with the boss it looks like Switzerland
    Thank you all for your help.

    Now lets start training

  • combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    See you there!
  • steved25steved25 Posts: 37
    I have just booked it ......

    Maybe keep each other posted on the training

    Tee Hee
    Im exited already

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