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Arch Blisters

Would like to know if I have the wrong trainers!

I have done the wet foot test and had a pair of Asics 2120 and now 2130 in last few years, which seem to be right for my foot type

Overall very comfy, but when I have done a couple of Half Marathons over the last couple of years (including a VERY wet London HM this weekend) I end up with humungous blisters on the inside of my foot arch. The one on my left foot is egg shaped and about as big as 2 ten pence coins.

This weekend was worse due to getting wet feet, but wondered if there is anything I can wear (like a rubber sock or something) that will stop it. I am already wearing 1000 mile original running socks! :(


  • jasejase Posts: 47
    Hi there...I feel your pain

    I ran the RTB last weekend too and have the most humongus blister on the side of my foot. I run in Brooks shoes and haven't had this problem before in these shoes but did a few years back in a cheap pair of Nikes.

    Put last weekends down to the rain really but I think sock choice must come in there somewhere

  • Wetsuit lube!

    I had the same problem with my NB shoes that have a ridged instep. I rubbed a bit of wetsuit lube (the solid stick type) in the shoes and presto; no blisters.
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