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hi there!
I have my first ever bike ride challenge on thursday i was so so excited till 15 minutes ago )) when my excitement turned to a worrying. i know i will be able to do it i put lots of training into it but feels like nerves gonna burst over the top. My London to Paris bike challenge gonna burst tomorrow night im sure when im gonna be in the hotel on my own ( staying over night before) but im so looking forward to it . since feb when i signed to do it bike truly changed my life im not gonna say ruined but changed as i managed to work out family work and training quite good actually but now my cycling is a true addiction and i want after this challenge enter a tri but im so crap at swimming so i need to work on it very hard the only problem is where i live nowhere to swim safely in open water do you guys think pool session will be ok for a start? i think my thoughts gone wrong direction from original topic ))) right wish me luck ) gonna go get ready for last day at work after my bike ride!


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Worrying: Focus on the event. Build lists of what you need - equipment, food/drink etc. Make sure everything is ready, and you have spares etc. Batteries charged, travel tickets and so on. Think about your plan for the event. Look at the maps - work out key milestones - towns you will go through, hills to be climbed etc. etc. Run it through in your mind. It will calm you. Are you doing it with mates? Talk to them, they will have the same fears as you!

    Swimming: Find out your nearest tri club. Find out where they swim. Consider joining them - either for a session, or joining the club (there is a new one lincolnshire way that started recently, so there are some about. Can't remember the name without researching)

    Most training is done in the pool. You want to be quite comfortable at swimming before venturing into the open water - i.e. OK at doing a few laps in the pool first). Find an event which has a pool based swim to start with (you can avoid the expense of a wet suit until you know that you like it!). Never go OW swimming on your own! Always have things like buddies/safety people in canoes - hence going to a club or an organised session (there are quite a few down south where you can turn up and go for a swim).

    Have fun and good luck with the Bike ride - you will enjoy it!
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    msqdenmsqden Posts: 18
    Conehead wrote:
    You're doing the L2P?!?! You jammy get!
    ye i do ! very excited now gonna wash and polish my bike now )) shiny like a diamond )))) thanks everybody!
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    msqdenmsqden Posts: 18
    Ive done it and enjoyed every minute!!!!! It was incredible!!!! I started in team one "pro" and was really worried but 240 miles later and 3000 meters of climbing i finished in team one and hit paris cross line second!!!!!! last 110 miles was superb managed keep avarage speed at 18,5 mph ! I dont really know whether its good or bad but for first ever race im very proud of myself and managed to go clubbing in paris with my friend after ))) so i got a bit of confidence now and looking forward to enter another race!!! i would like to say thanks to all you ppl who replied me and support before!!! cheers!!!
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    Dont talk about Michael Jackson before you go to bed!
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