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Now to wheels...

Ok getting my head around the various components on the bike and enjoying the detail on the other threads...so want to start one on wheels...
Heard some bad press about Botranger race wheels and reliability when partnered with a 'heavier' rider....but then every post i have read seems to just generally slag off the Trek wheels/tyres, sure with the amount of bikes sold it can't be all that bad?
like the last post what did people start on?...when did they feel the need to upgrade?...etc..etc..
(BTW also getting advice from BT however welcome the collective masses input)


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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    I started with Bontrager Select, which came on a Trek 1500. They don't get a universally good press, but I never had problems with them over about 1,000 miles (I'm about 65kg)
    I changed for a set of Spinergy Rev X, in order to move to something more aerodynamic (50mm)

    I still train on Bontrager Select wheels (a different pair). Still no problems.
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    without wanting to derail this (actually, i do so mwahahahahahaa) but does weight make a big difference to what wheel you can realistically use.

    i don't have a set of scales so i don't know for sure, but i suspect i am around 10st 6lb / 68kg. i'm 6' so normally ride a large frame. if i bought an 85mm front and disc rear (i'm not, but for example) is it going to lift my wastrel body into the air at the first gust of wind?
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I have been informed that actually a disc is better for stability on the back than a deep section.
    I am about 10'10 and 6'1 so light with a big frame, I ride 58mm 404s, but recently tried out some deeper ones on a very windy day with no problems at all.
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    danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    I'd say the Bontrager wheels/tires complaints are pretty unfounded in my experience. I've used the race lite and race x lite wheels this year, totalling about 3000 miles and never had any problems with them. I'm 78-80kgs depending on the day and have never had to have either set straightened yet. Maybe it was a bad production a few years ago? These were both 2008 or 2009 production I've been on.

    The RXL tires have also been very reliable. One flat over 6 months and it was probably my fault.

    Can't complain althought I am considering going to a lighter and/or deeper section wheel. The race lites in particular seem to take a lot of umph to get rolling above 21-22mph. That's probably cause I'm weak and need to HTFU though...
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