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1st ironman - 1st tri

ianpianp Posts: 5
Hi...i have entered the imuk 08 having never done a tri before....(only ever done marathons and multi day bike rides)....im using the go long and easy style of training...im up to 3k swimming, 90mins running and completed the dorset 100 a couple of weeks ago (oh the pain of those hills)....am i at the stage i should be at or should i up the distance/hours.....im averaging about 13hrs a week...

any confidence boosters or advice please....ianp


  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Hi Ianp, firstly, can I check that its 08 you're doing not 09??

    If its 08 then i would say... holy sweet mother of christ man, are you mental?? [:D]

    Although you are clearly very fit, doing an IM without ever having done a tri before is a mammoth undertaking, especially given the time available.

    To explain: I have been running marathons for nearly 20 years and got into tri's about 7 years ago, gradually building up the distance.

    Believe me when I tell you that even a short distance tri is a serious test when compared to a single discipline event.

    I am doing my 1st IM this year in Austria, having done IMUK 70.3 last year and I still don't think I'm ready for it! I train twice a day - 3k swims, 15-20 mile runs and cycles between 75 and 120 miles. (Yep, I don't have a life!)

    I really don't mean to demoralise you; just want you to know the full horror that awaits you!

  • ianpianp Posts: 5
    Hi Samutri,

    Yep thanks for that...i thought it was a big jump....im just trying to get around and am expecting to feel pain like i have never felt before....i guess thats why im doing it...the mental challenge....

    anyway thanks for the reality check...best get on my bike this weekend...
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    In that case, sounds like you're taking the right approach: watch your pace, especially if there's a crowd of people as you will naturally want to put on a burst of speed!

    To paraphrase Brendon Foster - start slowly and slow down.

    You will probably find the swim and bike are not too bad but the run will hurt worse than childbirth (with all due respect to the ladies out there!). There is absolutely no doubt that it will be your mental discipline that gets you through.

    All the very best, I wish you well!
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I think you can pull it of with proper pacing on the big day. Don't expect to do extraordinary times, expect to finish!

    Oh, some extra advice (if not already done): get a red carbon bike, shave or wax everything you can, eat you daily 3 porridge meals and everything will be too easy for ya!![8|][&:]
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I dare say you will do it, but I would go with the advice of try a half IM or a long distance tri, to test your nutrition and to give yourself an idea of what you are about to take on. I have completed IM ch, but yesterday when in training I did 2/3 of a half IM (bike & run) I found myself saying during the last 25 min of the run "how did I ever do the real thing"! Good luck
  • ianpianp Posts: 5
    thanks all....i know its going to be tough....i got a good hill session in yesterday and felt great....

    one final question, reading joe friel's book (going long) and his advice in this months mag he talks about only doing 15-20mins running after a long bike ride as your brick session....anyone else have faith in this view...i have been doing more than this as i fell more comfortable knowing i can run for longer and longer after a bike ride....what do you think
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