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Cycle training when working away?

GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
Here's one for you. Next year i hope to step up to IM having done a HIM, Marathon and IM swim this year.

I know a big area i need to improve is the bike.

At present i only average 60-70 miles per week accross two bikes on a weekend one of about 15-12 the other 40-50.

My problem is i work away a lot during the week. Taking a bike and Turbo is not really and option - not going to leave in view in NCP etc.

The hotels i stay in give me opportunity to swim and run.

Many will have exercise bikes but to be honest i can never cycle for more than 7 miles before being bored rigid watching sky sports and old people.

I'm fine on the turbo but have Coach Troy and Spinervals to help.

So this is where i am...

What about buying a folding exercise bike - seen them around 80 notes and weigh 10 - 20 kilos may fit in my boot and could probably leave on the back seat if i had to. Could then watch Coach Troy in my hotel room and get a good session in?

Any thoughts?



  • What a great question and I am worried along a similar vein! I am in the Royal Navy and soon to deploy overseas, not sure if I can take my bike/turbo. Very keen to progress with training and was also wondering if this can be acheived on a gym static bike? Looking forward to all advice offered! I am thinking of doing a IM 70.3 in 7(ish) months time.
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    I have the same problem - I'm away from home over 50% of the time at the moment, and I find it phenomenally boring using hotel gyms. I prefer to concentrate on the running when I'm travelling - my running shoes go everywhere with me and it's a great way to see the sights after work.

    Though I do try to make an effort my work can be quite intense when I'm away so my fitness certainly suffers - I would be interested to know how you progress!
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I am away a lot. I've tried the gym route and agree that it doesn't really work for biking. So I only get to cycle at the weekends. It's all part of the reason why am I only targeting sprints up to OD.

    Having had my running curtailed, I am seriously considering taking a bike with me, while the evenings are still light.

    I would mainly do this where I have a "friendly" client, and probably London, where I would mostly travel on public transport. I have a few clients that I visit regularly that are quite geared up to commuting - i.e. have showers etc. So I would probably target these. I would keep the bike in the hotel room over night. Carrying it up and down stairs would just be a bit more training!

    It would be good for the client as they wouldn't have to pay some much transport costs (taxis/tubes) etc.

    My other tactic would be to befriend people on the forum/BCTTT, and go for a ride with them!

    Dunno if the plan will come off though!
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