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Swam another timed 1500m OW race last night, had 32:09 to beat and got round in ... drum roll .... 33:40

I really felt quite tired after a long week so new I was going to struggle and the sun was also right in the line of sight and so against my misty goggles it was a white out, this served to put me off at the start a bit and my first circuit i think was pretty slow, but out of 88 racers, 79 people did better so no excuses.

Taking some positives away, I found that i was much more comfortable in the water after the first 325m .. normally take me about 750m to settle down. Also the 2nd 750m circuit I'm sure was a PB because i really started to push myself a bit and even had time to think about good technique, body rotation and i started looking for optimal line and people to draft as opposed to just trying to find where I'd left the race and joined a set of roaming ducks.

ah well, next time the 30min dream will be smashed, as it happens that's just next week at the London tri ...


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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    that isn;t too bad a time - and better than my usual 38/39mins in the pool (i haven't done the distance in OW yet although i know my 400m time in OW is almost identical to the pool so doubt there'll be much improvement). Take the positives from this, you managed to settle quicker, relaxed into it and had a 'negative split' i think you got your stratgy just right, maybe next time go hard a little sooner.

    Good luck for London!
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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    I think there are a lot of positives in there and you shouldnt be too hard on yourself. It's rare to beat your PB every time out and like you say you had quite a big training week.

    The fact that you settled so much quicker is really a very good achievement.
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    i think in low sun the water is thicker which will slow you down. don't worry, on race day they use special thin water which will help you get to your pb.

    you said you've been feeling tired all week, given that you might have been carrying some fatigue 1:30 outside your target is pretty good. where better to smash 30mins than the london od?
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Still a decent time saltbar! Don't despair... Have an easy week training wise, shorter sessions but keeping the intensity level and you'll smash it.
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    joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    It's coz you weren't drafting me...!!! Seriously though it's a good time still....I've done 32 mins then 36 mins so it all depends, after a while I'm hoping to break the 30min marker but reckon that'll be next year..I've only just got to the mile! So I wouldn't worry too much about it being slower this time round!! Keep at it...maybe see you down there one Sat, I actually saw you on the vid on their website (at the last swim) - missed you there!!
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    You'll do it man, just need to hit the sweet spot. In many ways swimming is like making love to a beautiful woman . . . .
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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    comanighttrain wrote:
    You'll do it man, just need to hit the sweet spot. In many ways swimming is like making love to a beautiful woman . . . .
    what you mean, that it is wet, lots of thrashing about and you never really know what you're doing...or is that just me
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    that, and if you start off too fast you might put yourself out o the race
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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Was it an A race for you?

    Did you really go for it?

    If so did your stroke suffer?

    Was it windy?


    Been at work during the day?

    Big night the night before?

    Can you confirm exactly that the course was the same length to the mm?

    Too many variables...

    Move on.

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    Thanks all,

    I'm sneaking down there on Sunday morning again to have another quick bash, this time I've decided to just stick to the 400m circuit and do some above race pace single circuits to really push myself a bit more in the that initial zone. I'm wary not to start too fast (talking my speed here) as that's usually the advice but I also know that I'm fine in the pool so think it's just needs a bit of confidence boosting that I can push that little bit harder at the start and won't jeopardize being able to finish the whole race.

    The London race I'm doing is a charity team relay so i get to concentrate just on the swim and trying to get my team off to a reasonable start .. 2 weeks after that is my first OD.

    For my end of week training reward i have just been to selfridges and acquired some new snazzy white loafers, and i'll be doing a mild leg workout on the dance floor of Notting Hill Arts Club tonight .. it's Brazilian Samba night

    have a good w/e all.
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    DavidHDavidH Posts: 47
    Hey Fella.
    I though't you'd put in a better time last night. Oh well, can't win em all.
    My time was certainly slower last night, I knew it would be as I just wasn't into it. having said that, it seemed to me that times were generally slower last night anyway.

    I'd join you on sunday morning, but I've got that long bike / run scheduled
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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Not really sure a 400m fast session will really make any difference.

    Lets be honest going below 30 mins from 33 is a big ask and you may be setting yourself up for a fall.

    3 minutes in a swim is harder than shifting 3 mins on the bike and probably even the run.

    If your not already going below 30 it's probably more to do with your stroke than the fact of banging out 400's.

    I was at 32 mins for a 1500 last year down to 26 now - stroke work not fast 400's.

    Ewen Mac and Bopo are really good swimmers and i'm sure they'll back me up.

    Check out TI or get a swim coach then worry about sub 30 next year.

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    Thanks, i just read this now so went on Sunday and did my 400's ..

    I did 5 sets, they went quite well but similar to other longer sessions, i found the first one challenging in getting a good rhythm, the second one a bit better and then better from there.
    on the fourth i thought I'd do a double to make the whole swim 2k. This went best of all and by the second lap i was in full stroke, breathing ok and managed to race the last 200m.. i wonder how long I could sustain this pace? .. one for next session.
    I'm sure you're right about the amount of time I'm trying to lose, the reason i thought i could do it was that i wasted about 30 secs by swimming the wrong way in the 1st race, however maybe it didn't make as much difference as i thought.
    I am looking forward to Saturday .. just need to get through that first 300-400m as best i can before i settle into a better stroke, given the 400 odd starters that may be more difficult, but I feel more determined and confident. watch this space .. probably come in in about 35mins

    The next step for me will definitely be joining some form of club or doing a swim analysis .. i don't think my pull phase is very strong.
    i have also just brought some new Zoggs goggles and aquasphere screen wash .. look out 29 minuters, for i can now see you..

    Good luck London racers ..
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    How were the loafers?
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