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Swim Cramp Help

I finally got out with Mersey tri in the salthouse dock last night.... 2/3 of the second lap I got cramp in my left calf that made me want my mum! I hardly use my leg in fc, I usually only get cramp when doing kick drills

Any tips on how to avoid it?

Any tips on how to deal with it in open water?

Any tips on how to deal with the sever muscle soreness I've now got?


  • I have found rubbing some deep heat into my calfs before hand helps - it usually happens to me when waters cold. Not sure how good this is for the wetty though? Also take a decent drink before hand.

    Lay on back and grab toes - if it continues I normally have to get out.

    As for day after - more deep heat and light stretch.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,your wetsuit maybe compressing your calfs too much (if so you could cut a couple of inches off, some pro's do this inorder to get out of their wetsuits quicker),as you say you do not use you legs much, this will cause you to force your toes into a position that would create undue pressure on the legs,so maybe flexing your toes every 50 strokes.

    I was told when I used to go caving that if you left cramp to take its course and not try to stretch it out you would never get it again,also Gordon Brown is an excellent P.M,Cherie is attractive,and WMD do exist.
  • legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    probably a daft question, but are you hydrated enough? I get cramp in my calf muscles too but it really reduces if I have plenty of fluid and a pinch of salt in it - I go for orange juice/water 1/3 mix and a bit of salt - it helps me loads.
  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    I've been experiencing similar problems. Also I cramped up coming into T2 as soon as I stepped off the bike. I'm just guessing that's muscles doing different things after being in one position for a while???
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