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London Tri swim - Slower?

On the back of saltbar's post, I was thinking that seeing there's about 400 people in my wave at London, this is bound to make me go slower right?

Anybody have any experience of going slower than they normally would just because of swim traffic?

Was hoping to smash my previous sprint swim time of 19mins at Windsor after swimming 750m in 15mins at liquid leisure the other week... now I'm thinking this is unlikely.


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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Don't let 400 people slow you down.Start at the front.15 mins is a good time,you should be quicker due to wetsuit and the extra 15% of speed that race day nerves give you.First out of the water,get the swim prime,but don't trip going up the steps.
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    jon.E wrote:
    Don't let 400 people slow you down.Start at the front.
    At the front? Oh jesus... That's ramped up the fear another notch. Oh what the hell... in for a penny.
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    heymonkeyheymonkey Posts: 45
    I did London Sprint last year and I had 400 in my wave on that day too. Although the initial 30 secs were hectic, everything really spaced out quickly. It all got a bit mad again around the buoy at the far end, but only for short period.
    I clocked a time 2 minutes faster than my best open water training time. No reason you shouldn't crack 15 mins easily!
    Good luck.
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