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IMUK one week to go!!!

What more can I say it's in the title, OH CRAP.

How you all feeling?


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    Yep. I'll agree to that.
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    Worryingly nonplussed... The thought of it only being a week away hasn't really registered yet, I think I'm just resigned to the fact that I've done what I've done... maybe I coud have done more, maybe I couldn't but thats all gone now and there is nothing more I can do before rae day.

    I think this week just comes down to preparation, making sure I know I have everything I need etc. Tonight is the night that I start making lists and putting stuff into anally retentive piles etc.

    Oh... and getting my bike serviced. Does anyone know a good lbs in Cambridge where I can take my bike for a full pre race service? I just moved here a week or so ago and all the bike shops I've been into only seem to cater for commuters and bottom end race bikes -- I want somewhre I know I can trust if I'm giving them my bike a week before IMUK!

    I reckon the fear will set in when the list making begins... looking forward to it!
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    nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284

    I think this week just comes down to preparation, making sure I know I have everything I need etc. Tonight is the night that I start making lists and putting stuff into anally retentive piles etc.
    Loved that you've got the same plan as me tonight, can't help with the service end. Got mine done this week it now feels good. I went for my last ride and run this morning and feel ok, it's either that or my body does not know what's about to hit it.
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    matt333matt333 Posts: 32
    I’m feeling exactly the same, not worrying about the race at all but more the logistics of the whole thing! I also have all my gear in piles on my bedroom floor and am double checking regularly that I haven’t forgotten any thing…
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    ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    Hardest part is this taper, I don't feel as fit as when I was out twice a day. Really need to get this early morning thing cracked. It was easy to get up at dawn and cycle for 5 hours. It's not easy to get up at dawn with not much to do.

    BTW - is anyone planning on using the 'special needs' bag?

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    nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    I'm planning on filling my special needs bag with some sandwiches, malt loaf etc just in case. Also an old running top that has never let me down also some long lycra leggings that I can use just in case it goes tits up and I need to keep warm. As it's my first IM then I am bracing myself for worst case scenario I know it's going to take me 15 hours and I can't survive that long on gels, bars and sheer stubborn mentality. I need to eat properly and I'm going to fill my SOS sack with every eventuality. As I read this last bit back it did make me question what made me sign up for this event, I hope I'll find out as I cross the line.

    Sorry to ramble over a bag.
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    via bikeradar i've came across some odd posts about the ironman waiver and legal cobblers.

    there's a thread at tri talk that might interest, or confuse.

    edit for poo code
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    Right, so I'm not so worried about this waiver thing... I figured it was just another one of those sign your life away without reading kind of forms. You know: the kind you sign before throwing yourself off a bridge attached to an elastic band etc. If you have to sign one to race then I guess I just have to sign it.


    On that tritalk thread there is quite a lot of chat about the bike course not being approved/closed. I know a few people mentioned this a couple of weeks ago but does anyone have any updates? If not I think it may be worth dropping the organisers an email (or many) asking what is going on.

    I don't want to make too much of a fuss; most of me thinks "so what if the roads are open? Just man up and get on with the race" but even so I think failure to close the roads would be a big disappointment. For me a large part of forking out the extortionate fee for an Mdot branded race was that I had assumed a high level of professionalism, both in terms of organisation and atmosphere on race day. In my opinion open roads would diminish the professional atmosphere/ big race feel of the event, and allowing this degree of speculation among the competitors (surely they must know about it) isn’t entirely comforting either!?
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    in terms of road closures, would it not be similar to the Wimbleball race, i.e. majority of roads are closed except for access and then the cars are marshalled and directed down the opposite side of the road.

    In terms of the race, my race preparation was going great upto IMUK 70.3 six weeks ago when I injured myself and from that point onwards it has been downhill, I have since managed to further screw up race day by suffering another re-occuring injury that i thought i had shaken. But all this aside, it is going to be great, who cares if I have to walk half of the run, the satisfaction of crossing that line will make it all worth it, I am counting down the days... bring on the pain!!!
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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Absolutely cacking it!

    In terms of road closures, if there aren't any then it could cause havoc, especially at the start. The roads are narrow enough without having to contend with cars as well...

    Went out and road the first 30k of the course yesterday and if it is wet, its going to be fun on some of the parts of the road. I'm surprised I have any brakes left having been absolutely p***ed on yesterday.

    Cannot wait though, been thinking about it since January!
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    Barny51Barny51 Posts: 16
    I recomend you guys focus on your race and notthings you can't change - Unless of course you are willing to pull out after all the hard work and preperation?? no!

    I think a little faith that these poeple who have afterall been organising races for a very long time know what they are doing... roads not closed? so what, have you ever done a race where all the roads have been closed?

    I feel great at mo - think I have tapered perfectly - am past the lethargy and did a lovely energising ride at the weekend and can feel that I am ready for the race ahead - fitter than I have ever been. Can't wait!
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