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Half Ironman - which one 2010?


Can anybody advise me the best 1/2 IM to enter next year? This will be my 1st and i am looking to do a fairly flat course in the spring / summer next year either home or in Europe, there seems such a choice and i want the 1st one to be a special one!!
So far i've done London, several at Dorney and lots of local races but feel the 1/2 IM is calling now!

Thanks for any advice,



  • Ha, you just beat me to it!!
    I am also feeling the call of a 70.3 event and was about to start looking for an event around Feb-May time next year. Could this be the start of a novice Half IM team descending on an event??
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    I'm signed up for Austria 70.3 in St Poelten in May - a beautiful bike route apparently but a stonking great hill after 60 Km, otherwise nothing bad.

    Other than that if its flat you want it appears they don't come any flatter than Antwerp if you can handle the cobbles and the tram tracks.

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i'm thinking about the finland one in nokia, near tampere. puolimatka i think it is called over there.

    this year's race is on this coming weekend so it won't be available for a while. it does appear to be cheap though (50e), close to tampere airport (fly stanstead with ryanair), probably pretty flat around the lakes. i also have some good finnish connections and speak a little of the language so frankly i am just looking for an excuse to go there again!
  • cruchan09cruchan09 Posts: 7
    I've heard good things about the Lisbon Half, and its early in the year.

  • SuzieDSuzieD Posts: 12
    I am thinking of doing Antwerp.... which is at the start of August - I teach so if it isn't near or in the holidays it isn't happening

    I haven't done one before. I have a couple of sprints under my belt and am doing London (Olympic distance) on sunday.

    Any other suggestions gratefully recieved
  • abrewerabrewer Posts: 41
    I would suggest taking your pick from the list of 70.3's on www.ironman.com

    Other non ironman branded 70.3 events that I heard were good are the Vitruvian and Quelle Challenge Barcelona.
  • Thanks all for your advice, i'm going to have a look at Lisbon, Antwerp and Austria as i've heard good things about those races from my club, bring on the winter training! I managed a 2.39 at London at the weekend for the Olympic distance dispute recovering from the swine flu so hope that i will be on track for the next distance up!
  • seriously, I think that people should do the HIM in the UK, I know it is a b*tch of a bike and run course, but the sense of achievement by far outweighs the pain. You can then look back and say that you have completed the toughest half ironman in the world, and the scenery and route make it worthwhile.

    All in all, it was brilliant (even though I injured myself and finished over 45 mins later than anticipated), but that is what next year is for, as I will be back to beat my time!!
  • The Vitruvian - great course, well organised and reasonable price.
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    The Vitruvian is not quite Half Ironman distance but it is still a cracking race and would be worth putting on your to do list.

    I did Lisbon this year, a brilliant event at a brilliant location (Oriente) just a few miles outside Lisbon.
    Nearly all flat apart from the last 500 metres at the turnaround point of the 4 lap bike route on closed dual carraigeway. Was nice to race in sunshine too after an English winters training.

    Not done Antwerp before but will be entering this as soon as registration opens. It is our triclubs European trip for 2010. We took about 50 to Nice IM this year so we are expecting more for Antwerp.
    Looking at the 2009 race info looks like a nice flat and fast course.
  • The Little Woody. I did it this year as my first half ironman distance race and loved it. There are no cutoffs (except for a generous 1:20 for the swim) as it is run along the same course as the big woody, free camping and a good atmosphere. The bike course is immensely tough - it's hilly and long (60 miles), which I didn't realise before doing it, but I had a huge sense of achievement once I crossed the line (after 8:20!) An excellent value for money race, and one i'll be going back to after IMCH next year.
  • i've just done the bustinskin half iron man, and to be honest if you want a h i m as regarded by nearly all the top finishers as the hardest half in the uk than look no further

    1.2 mile sea swim, trust me with waves and a current is a very tough swim
    followed by a 55 mile cycle with over 5000 ft of ascent and descent
    then a 13.1 mile costal off road run again with mind blowing ascending and descending

    winnng time was 5 hours by an elite tri athlon specialist...just shows you it's a tough one
  • By HIM UK assume you mean Bala? I looked at it but bottled out because of the hills! Ironic as i train on the pennines! I'm a farly seasoned but out of competition practice Olympic distance with a (no laughing) time of about 2 hours 30 mins but not sure that a half wont kill me!
  • LexLex Posts: 65
    Just signed up for Austria 70.3, my first HIM. The climb 60-70k looks a bit tasty!!

    I hear good things about this race?
  • DerekhDerekh Posts: 1
    Hi Sarah,

    Like you I was thinking along the same line of going to the dark side and doing a 70.3 in Europe until I happened to stumble upon New Orleans. It is as cheap as going to the more expensive European destinations due to exchange rates and entry costs, relatively cheap when there, bike box goes free, event is relatively new but really well supported.

    Admitedly they had a few problems which are sorted for this next event on 18th April 2010, and they can really whip up a crowd, reasonably flat course, small jazz fest on after to laze about for a few days R&R post race.

    Check it out on the official ironman website, you could do a lot worse.

    Hope your search goes well

  • am looking to do a 1/2 IM next year aswell, read some interesting links above will check them out - any others available - no dates released on some races which does not help planning!!
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Any idea when the vitruvian dates are? Also - do you know when entry will open? I can only find last years info so far but I'm keen to give it a shot (works out nicely to pretend I'm heading up to visit the parents for the weekend )
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    AlastairBrown wrote:
    By HIM UK assume you mean Bala? I looked at it but bottled out because of the hills! Ironic as i train on the pennines! I'm a farly seasoned but out of competition practice Olympic distance with a (no laughing) time of about 2 hours 30 mins but not sure that a half wont kill me!
    UK 70.3 is in Wimbleball these days. Bala still has the Bala Middle. Both are as I understand hard going hill wise.

    The OP wanted fast and flat. I am entering the Trentham Big Half on 11th July. It's apparently fast and flat, possibly a bit too much so, as you bike laps most of which are dual carraigeway. It's ideal for me as it's nearish to home and relatively cheap at £85/£80.

    EDIT the OP never mentioned fast and flat, doh! Must have been the thread in the "general chat" forum
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