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Strathclyde - my worst race ever!

TesseractTesseract Posts: 280
The weather was predicted to gale force wind and rain. Did the course reccie yesterday, under beautiful blue skies, and hoped the weatherman had got it wrong yet again. But noooooo, for once he got it right.

Rain lashing down, nice early start, but at least the wind had stayed away...so far.

Putting on my wetsuit before the race I managed to pull the zipper pull off, cue frantic running around to talk to the race refs, trying to find another wetsuit, until Shadowone came to the rescue with a lycra top I could put on over the suit to hold it shut.Checked with the refs that it was OK, got the nod, and it was time to go.

At the startline I realised I hadn't taken my inhaler in all the panic (I have asthma) - too late to do anything - and off we went. Couldn't get my breathe at all going round, I think a combination of lack of inhaler, plus suit/top combo tighter than usual. Managed to get round doing short bits of crawl then some breaststroke to recover, wasn't quite last out of the water, but it was damn close.

Onto the bike, rain still pouring down, and joy! the wind had picked up. Still struggling with my breathing and my legs felt like rubber from too much breaststroke, really struggled with the hills, recovered a bit on the downhill, and of course the only flat bit was where the wind was head on. Lost count of the laps as well (there were only 6, you'd think I could count that high!). Probably because I realised halfway through that I'd lost my timing chip somewhere, great!

Finished the bike (did at least the 6 laps), and staggered into T2, with my legs complaining, checked my wetsuit and found the timing chip, which I'd managed to pull off with the wetsuit. Put it on, shoes on, and away for the run, both my hips aching (never had that before!). Hobbled round the run, picking up cramp in my left calf, then finally with 3k to go my chest eased off a little. Finished. although I think it'll be my worst time ever...got a week to recover then it's London

Got home and noticed a niggly pain in my foot, and had to fish out a bit of glass/stone that had buried itself in my heel - perfect ending.


  • TesseractTesseract Posts: 280
    ...and I look out of the window now and it's back to blue skies & sunshine. The gods hate me.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Tessar lies.....he had a storming bike!!!!

    Well done mate, glad you finished after the wetsuit probs...
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