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Hatfield Sprint Tri

Well second Tri done - seriously got the bug now!!

No times because I forgot to start my watch and results not out yet.

Swim was a bit poor - No notice of the off (that I heard), I was facing the wrong way when the hooter went off, and I hadn't got myself to the back so took a bit of a drubbing in the aqua ruck. I also made the mistake of trying to keep up with the faster guys, meaning quickly I was out of breath and losing my technique. Pulled myself together and got into the swing of things, ended up finishing strong as alot of the other guys started to tire.

Bike - my favorate discipline - felt really good and recon I did a sub 40min 23k. Probably the last race for my current steed (Cycle 2 work replacement - Boardman Team Carbon) who did a sterling job. Only taken by 1 guy on a seriously nice bike. It was basically a 10k out and 10k back (with a few extra bits including a huge roundabout we had to go all the way around) - Roads were totally flat and straight which is weird for me as I train near the peaks...hilly!! - was a bit windy and not the most technical - weather held off though.

Run - 3 times round a school field on grass - the grass made a nice change - first lap was a bitch (probably to do with grinding big gears for the whole bike) - second lap better and 3rd was good - Total time about 1:20 at a guess (will update when the results are out)

I know I had some misgiving about it being a club organised event and there are some plus and minus points, (eg the people were lovely and it felt really close knit, the orginisation was great but it didn't feel as much of a specticle as if an event company had organised it (not so polished / no timing chips etc) although I have only been to one other Tri - Rother Valley - so I may be talking rubbish!

So thankyou to Aldwick Tri Club - I would reccomed the event to anyone - was also great for starters.

Also hope the lady and gent that came of their bikes are healing well - a little claret about! And well done to the guy who argued with the ref until he was allowed to continue!!

Phew - if you have read all of my ramblings you have more time than sense!!
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