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1 week to London OD and .... SICKNESS! What now?

Have been training for about 5 months to prepare for my first OD next Sunday. About 5 weeks ago I got a kidney infection and was off training for one week. Antibiotics, pain killers, the works. I then went back one block in my training program and started to rebuilt my fitness for the following two weeks.

Last week I had the same symptoms again and the doc has put me on a double dose of antibiotics now until next Saturday with the race on Sunday. I was supposed to be on tapering week next week, but it looks like the taper week is also going to be my last chance to do some for my fitness.

Last week I did 8 x 20k bike ride (basically commuting), 1 x 1.5k swim, 1 x 7 interval run, 1 x 12k easy run. This was not nearly as much as my program had suggested, but I thought better than nothing.

How should I approach next week? My goal of 2.50 is out of the window, as I don't feel I am as fit as I was. Should I give it a go anyway and risk being disappointed with my time or just sit it out and have a go at it next year? I really have worked hard for this one and while 2.50 seems not an ambitious goal, it is for me as I started from scratch with terrible fitness levels and no sports back ground ....


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    TesseractTesseract Posts: 280
    I'd actually say sit it out this time, much as that will depress you. An OD will take a lot out of your immune system, so if you're not fully recovered you could make yourself worse.

    If you are fully recovered though then fair enough, go for it, reset your expectations to be a little slower, go and take it easy going round, and get your first OD under your belt.
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    Unless it's putting your health at real risk then I'd definitely go for it.
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    Yeah same as others. Dont risk your health! I was fine before strathclyde now i feel as though im coming down with something, if your already ill its surely a terrible idea
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    I'd go with the above. If it isn't going to make an infection worse (expert advie needed there), then I'd go for it. If you've trained for 5 months for this one event, and then don't do it, there's a rick you'll never do it. Give it a go, and finish, no matter what the time is, and you''ll learn more in those 3 hours than you've probably learnt in the last months. You'll also be much better motivated as you'll have something to aim for at you next event, and you'll know what your weaknesses are and be able to focus your training.

    If you do it, at least you're guaranteed a PB, a position only a few are in.
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